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Cryocardians are a species from the planet Frion.


Cryocardians are humanoids with pale blue and beige skin. They have an open spot on their chest, which they can close or keep opened. They have four thin eyes.


Most Cryocardians are known as very family-loving and helpful. It is sometimes said "their heart looks cold, but is actually warm".

Powers and Abilities

Cryocardians can blast ice from their chest. This is linked to their cold blood, which doesn't freeze at lower temperatures.

They can use this ability to create either ice blasts and beams.


Cryocardians need time to recharge their ice blasts.

Cryocardians are the natural prey of Gornillas and other species.

Notable Cryocardians


Cryocardian is a combination of cryo (frozen) and cardius (heart).


  • Cryocardians have different sub-races, but Heart Freeze's one (with pale blue skin) is considered superior on Frion. Gornillas also are genetically linked to Cryocardians.