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Cryo-Flame is the Temperature, Cryogenics and Pyronetics specialist of Sociopath Seven. He appears in Imad 10.

Sociopath Seven - Cryo-Flame SHORT

OLD INFO: (Can control any temperatures . Half of his body is made from inextinguishable flames, and the other of unmeltable Ice. Can also shoot Flames and icicles , and use Frost breath. Can shift back to a human form.
Personality: Very unpredictable and Bipolar, sometimes in a joyful mood, sometimes full of rage, sometimes emotionless.)


Villain Alias: Cryo-Flame ; Title: "The Searing Blizzard" - "The Freezing Inferno"

Real Name: Samson Fritz / Gender: Male

Position: Accountant of the Seven, In charge of their financial planing. Expert in Thermodynamics and anything Heat-related.

His body is half nigh non-meltable Ice, the other half an inferno that cannot be extinguished by normal means. He has potent control over the temperatures nearby, able to use a wide myriad of Ice and flame / Heat based moves, can also influence the temperature in a large radius.

Personality: Unlike Bio-Tox who's very sadistic yet a cold logical thinker, what Cryo-Flame lacks in true malevolence, he compensates in sheer lunacy, unpredictability and a long list of neurological disorders, making him incontestably the most mentally damaged and insane of the Seven. Cryo-Flame has a weird variation of bipolar disorder, acting and talking devoid of emotions and feelings one second, then out of the blue, raving like an angered madman or squealing like an excited child the moment after, alternating between these different states many times per hour. He also has a habit of speaking through random non-sequitur, confusing those around him. However, this crazed state of mind doesn't make Cryo-Flame in the least a harmless villain. Quite the contrary, Samson retains some clarity inside his messed up brain, exploiting his alien behavior to cast fear and confusion in his opponent's heart, making them easier targets. Cryo-Flame also remains a genius in his field, and unlike the head-in-the-clouds impression he may cast, he's very aware and understanding of what's happening in front and even around him. He shows in front of the ones he trusts, the Seven, a disturbing yet slightly amusing playful and childlike facet of his personality.

Extra Trivia: Rainbow color: Red.

Lanterns corps associated with: Yellow lanterns of Fear; Due to his instability, unpredictability and incomprehensible behavior, Cryo-Flame can cast doubt and confusion with a good dose of fear inside his enemies' psyches. Even his own teammates are sometimes caught off-guard by him.