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Ben 10: Haunted
Season 1, Episode 16
Written by Ghost King001
Directed by Ghost King001
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Null and Voided
The College Spirit


Ben and Rook were on watch duty at Plumber HQ. Suddenly an alarm went off.

Ben: Now what? Another prisoner escape!?

Rook: Thankfully not. It`s something one of our satellites picked up.

Ben: Well let`s see what`s going on.

Rook nodded and activated the live feed. The camera shows space. And then suddenly a flash of something golden and a distorted sound resembling a bird chirping. And a few moments later long green tentacles constrict the satellite and destroy it. Ben activates an alarm.

Ben: Something tells me we`re in for a rough time.

Theme song!

Ben and Rook showed everyone else the footage of the now destroyed satellite.

Grandpa Max: It can`t be.

Ben: Can`t be what, Grandpa?

Max: A Ghidorah and a Dogora.

Ben: (Snickering) Ghidorah?, Dogora? what kind of a dumb name is that?

Max: No time for jokes Ben, Right now we need to get ready for two kaiju!

The Plumbers began operations to try and intercept both space monsters.

Meanwhile in the desert King Ghidorah lands and lets out a roar similar to a distorted bird chirp. His Middle Head glanced around quickly while the Left Head blasted a mountain to mark his territory. The Right Head stares blankly at the desert. The Middle Head then ordered his brothers they`re going and so they began to walk further into the desert.

Ghidorah`s Right Head pants as if trying to say it`s too hot. The Middle Head smacks him and orders him to keep marching. The Left Head questioned why they weren`t in a city to destroy and the Middle informed him they needed the element of surprise on both the humans and their pursuer. Ghidorah soon decided to rest by some mountains and went to sleep.

A few Plumber patrols found Ghidorah and tried silently to start the Null Void Projector but it was suddenly blasted by green energy.

???: Honey, I`m home!

The Plumbers draw their weapons but they are defeated by more green blasts. The battle awakens the slumbering Ghidorah and all three heads look around for their savior. Ghost King is standing on a cliff above them. He saw the Projector and he decided to destroy it so nobody else would suffer his torment.

Left Head: (In the language of Ghidorahs) That tiny speck...did it just save us?

Middle Head: I suppose it did. Does it not fear us?

Right Head: Maybe we should teach him to!

The Ghidorahs charged up a Gravity Beam in each mouth and fired at the speck. However Ghost King dodges and teleports to the opposite cliff.

Ghost King: Now boys, is that how you thank the guy who saved you?

The Heads then begin to argue. The Middle proposes they should be thankful but the Left and Right Heads argue they should either instill fear in him or kill him. The Middle then lets out a roar to remind them he`s the alpha and so they stand down. King Ghidorah slowly raises himself up to face this creature. It looks like a human and yet it doesn`t to them at the same time.

Ghost King: Confused? It`s ok, I expected that. And I also know you`re conflicted. Right?

The three headed dragon nods. Ghost King`s Omnitrix then beeps and he activates communicator mode.

Dr. Psychobos: Ah my favorite client, and I use the term loosely. Just checking up on you and my invention.

Krang: OUR invention?

Psychobos: Ah Krang, I didn`t know you were doing the same.

Krang: Hold on. I`m detecting a new DNA sample in front of you. Whatever it is it`s giant!

Ghost King puts the communicator on video feed and shows them Ghidorah. Krang and Psychobos can be heard freaking out.

Krang: A GHIDORAH!? How are you not dead!?

Ghost King: One, I`m already dead. Two, I saved it so I think it`s letting me live. Right now it seems curious about me.

Psychobos: Ghidorahs are one of the most terrifying species in the universe. WHY HAVEN`T YOU SCANNED IT!

Ghost King: Because I don`t know if I can?


Krang: Size doesn`t matter!

Psychobos: Scan it already you fool!

Ghost King: I don`t like your tone!

Ghidorah watches them argue. He looks confused even more. The Middle head then slowly inches closer to the spirit.

Krang: Look we`re sorry ok!? NOW will you scan it!?

Ghost King: Only if it lets me. I earned it`s trust, I`m not about to throw it away just for a DNA sample!

Suddenly a few massive green tentacles constrict Ghidorah. The dragon bellows out in anger. Slowly a massive Jellyfish like monster appears from the clouds and begins to constrict further.

Ghost King: I have to help it!

Krang: You have To`kustar DNA! Use it!

Psychobos: And my Mutant To`kustar DNA is in there too! Just hurry up!

Ghost King nods and turns into his version of Waybig. Then he grabs Dogora by the tentacles and pries them off Ghidorah. Ghidorah steps back once free, then nods at the spirit as thanks. Dogora bellows in anger and Ghost King`s To`kustar form and Ghidorah team up to attack Dogora.

Ben suddenly arrives as Waybig. He looks shocked to see Ghost King and Ghidorah taking on Dogora.

Waybig: Hey! How`d you get out of the Null Void!?

Ghost King (To`kustar): Not now! We`re busy fighting this thing off!

Waybig helps them fight. Dogora soon lands defeated to the ground. Waybig then shoves Ghost King.

Waybig: Alright. You`re going back to the Void!

Ghost King (To`kustar): Over my non-existent body!

Both attack each other. But Ghidorah intervenes and knocks Waybig out. He then Notices Both watch wearers turn back.

Ghost King: We make a pretty good team huh fellas?

Ghidorah roars in agreement. He then motions to his Knock Off Omnitrix.

Ghost King: Really? You mean it?

Ghidorah nods. A green light envelops him and abruptly stops. The same green light then reappears and envelops Dogora before vanishing again. Ghost King bows humbly.

Ghost King: Thank you. I`m honored.

Ghidorah then roars and flies away into space, too tired to attack the Earth today. Dogora regains consciousness and floats back up to space as well. Then Ghost King waits for Ben to wake up.

Ben: Ugh. My head...YOU!

Ghost King gave him a smug look he then cycled through his watch and displayed Ghidorah`s icon. Ben realizes what he`s implying.

Ben: You don`t scare me. Even if you have that three headed freak in your watch! I probably have him too you know-.

Suddenly Krang and Psychobos chime in he doesn`t. Ben grunts and realizes it`s best not to fight Ghost King right now.

Ghost King: You DO know I just did you a favor right? Both were going to rampage across Earth and destroy countless lives. You should be thanking me.

Ben: I am, by letting you walk away against better judgement. But next time I see your face you`re going down.

Ghost King: I wouldn`t have it any other way.

He vanishes just as Rook arrives.

Rook: Where are the monsters?

Ben: Dealt with. let`s go home, I`m not in a good mood.

Both walk back to Rook`s truck. Meanwhile, deep in space Ghidorah remembers fondly of the one tiny inferior lifeform he considered an ally. He then flies back to his planet with no further trouble from Dogora and hopes to meet the tiny person again one day.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • King Ghidorah and Dogora arrive on Earth and fight for unknown reasons.
  • Ghost King now has King Ghidorah`s DNA along with Dogora`s
  • Ben finds out Ghost King is back. And ultimately lets him escape since he stopped the Earth from being destroyed by both monsters.

Minor Events

  • Krang and Psychobos check up on Ghost King through the Knock Off Omnitrix`s communicator and inform him of Ghidorah DNA being a very sought after DNA sample for the Knock Off Omnitrix.


  • Ben
  • Rook
  • Grandpa Max
  • Magister Patelliday
  • Unnamed Plumbers
  • Ghost King
  • King Ghidorah
  • Dr. Psychobos
  • Krang


  • Dogora

Aliens Used

By Ben

  • Waybig

By Ghost King

  • To`kustar transformation



  • Ghost King is now a very dangerous man now that he has Ghidorah AND Dogora DNA in his watch.
  • The Ghidorah presented here is the Showa King Ghidorah.
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