General Information
Species Poueverian
Home World Geotencia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength

Super Durability

First Appearance A Hero Returns Part 2

Crusher is an alien transformation in the series, Brandon 10.


In Alien Force, Crusher is a big, yellow humanoid. He has green eyes and his skin resembles a stone-like material. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest/stomach.

In Ultimate Hero, Crusher's appearance does not change majorly from his Alien Force appearance. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Crusher possesses incredible strength and a thick layer of skin which provides vast resistance to injury.


Crusher can be defeated by an attack with a large amount of force. As seen in Shutdown, Crusher can still be electrocuted as his skin, although being rock hard, can still feel.


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero

Video Games

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  • Although Crusher has rock hard skin, it is unknown if he can control rock
  • Crusher has been used twice to defeat the Zonarian Commander and failed both times.
    • Coincidentally those episodes both represented the beginning of a season.
  • Crusher is Brandon's go to strength alien in Alien Force.
  • Crusher has a close resemblance to The Thing from The Fantastic Four
  • He has the most appearances, 21, in Alien Force making him the most used alien in the series.
  • He is the first regular alien to be evolved into an Ultimate Form in Brandon 10 as well as Alien Force.


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