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Crunchy Potato Chips.... IN SPACE! is a fan made episode of Ben 10: Meme Force. It is written by Pablo.


Ben Tememeson eats some potato chips. They're crunchy.... AND IN SPACE! Oh yeah, and I guess he fights evil, something like that.


It was a pretty normal day for Ben Tememeson- he sat on his couch, eating his food of choice, potato chips.

Ben: These potato chips are REALLY crunchy! *continuing to nom on potato chips*

Gwen: Ben, stop it, none of us want to see you eating potato chips over and over again!

Kevin: Yeah, it's getting old. We only have 1 option.

And so, they shoved Ben into a crammed little space pod thing with nothing but his bag of extremely crunchy potato chips, a little pop-up book, and a bottle of low-quality lemonade.

Ben: Oh cool, more potato chips... *eating more potato chips*

And he just kept eating.



Eventually he ran out, so he decided to go out into space to get more, using JetRage to fly around.


Then came the Highthneed. Yes, you read that right, the Highthneed. We spent the budget on sticker books and petrified kittens, so we had to hire these guys who apparently... want to... ok, WHO CREATED SOMETHING WITH THE EVIL GOAL... OF DESTROYING DR. SEUSS BOOKS?!? SERIOUSLY, I'M OUT!

Highthneed: Strange meme-like alien, do you have any Dr. Seuss books?

Ben: No... ok, fine, yes, my mind is so meme-filled that I need these books to remember basic words...

Highthneed: THEN YOU SHALL DIE! *firing lasers at at Ben*

Ben: This is a job for... SERIOUS BIG CHILL! *transforms into Serious Big Chill and just stares at the Highthneed*

Highthneed: ...why are you looking at me?

Ben: *stares more intensely*

Highthneed: oh... aw man...

Ben: *stares so dang intensly*

Highthneed: AWMANNOMANDON'TDOITNO*explodes from the intensity of the stare*

Ben: *turns back into LOL Jetray and glides around some more* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And thus, Ben's adventure was complete, and he had saved the galaxy from the lamest villain ever. Oh, uh, call from the boss... oh wait, he's supposed to get back to Earth? Ok ok, just wait for next episode...


Aliens Used[]


  • Highthneed