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Crispy Critter
General Information
Original broadcast January 31, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 11
Overall episode number 31
Written by Ebomnitrix, Runny, Kakapokid5 & User:Alanomaly
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Crispy Critter is the thirty first episode of E-10: Horizons.


Ethan's newest professor for the semester takes a strange interest in his aliens. Meanwhile, Alice tries to move on from her feelings towards Ethan.


Gods Among Us - Episode 31

[The setting took place at a rundown neighborhood, where we pan from the street to an apartment complex full of broken and taped windows. Three groups of kids, one white, two African american, were riding down the street on their bicycles. It appeared to be a blue energy shaped figure was watching them closely. He seemed curious towards their bicycles as he stared closely at their wheels. He flew back towards the broken down apartment complex and flew from inside the window, where two others were waiting.]

Tlaloc: How much time has passed since we were locked away in that dungeon?

Tezca: You mean the seal?

Tlaloc: Whatever! Why aren’t we doing anything to this planet? We have been trapped in there for centuries! We should be slaughtering every living being now and destroy this planet!

Huizilo: Easy, Tlaloc. The world has undergone significant changes during our slumber. It appears that new technology has taken over.

[Huizilo stared at the child walking down the sidewalk holding his smartphone.]

Huizilo (Narrating): Not only that, but people have become very reliant on it.

[A group of kids took the child’s smartphone.]

Child: Hey!

[The child chased after the group of kids, and Huizilo stepped away.]

Huizilo: For now we observe, so when the time comes we’ll use this planet’s technology and turn the people against one another, then tear this planet apart from the inside out.

[The setting shifted to that night where the setting took place inside a basement, where a mysterious figure was sitting in his chair, petting his dog as he was overlooking past footage of Ethan’s aliens.]

Mysterious Figure: Look at all these aliens out there, don’t they just look amazing, Frisky?

[Frisky barked.]

Mysterious Figure: Yes... I can’t wait to meet them, soon… [Smirking]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa

[The setting took place the next morning at Horizon. The trees had few leaves left on it while the branches were covered with icicles. A large gust of wind blows.]

Just Between Us - Episode 27

Alice (Narrating): Today’s a new day, a new beginning, but today is also the beginning of a new semester. When a new semester arrives, everything changes around you. Sometimes people use that as time to change themselves. To make themselves become the best versions of whatever they want to be. But sometimes people see their lives change for the worst. And that change comes without a moment’s notice. So if you aren’t ready for it, just remember, in life, it's never the big battle, the big moment or the big speech. That does not change things. What truly changes everything is the small events in life, ones that can either affect you or others within a matter of minutes or seconds.

[Alice was walking down the sidewalk wearing a white sport jacket and a scarf. She noticed Ethan and Maria walking down the other direction, laughing. Ethan was wearing a black and white striped sweater with a black coat around him. While Maria was covered with a dark blue coat, a white scarf and black mittens. The three ran into each other, as Alice looked at them, surprised.]

Ethan: Oh, hey Alice.

Alice: Hey, Ethan. Hey, Maria.

Maria: Hey.

Ethan: How was your break?

Alice: Um, good. Yours?

Ethan: Good.

Maria: Actually, we found this new ski lodge resort where we just hung out over there during the New Year then came back down to celebrate with the others.

Ethan: Then we fought this gigantic jacuzzi-looking monster and slammed it! It was so awesome!

Alice: Oh, that’s… nice.

Ethan: I haven’t heard from ya since you left.

Alice: Oh, I’ve just been busy. Preoccupied with family, that’s all.

Ethan: Ah. Well, I gotta get to class. It’s getting late. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.

Alice: [Smiles] You too. Bye.

[Alice left the other direction while Ethan and Maria walked straight to campus.]

Maria: That was awk-waarrd.

Ethan: You said it.

[The song ended. The Omnitrix transitioned to the next scene and the setting took place inside a classroom, Ethan sat to the right while Maria hung to the wall.]

Just Another Antic Morning

Maria: So, why didn’t we meet with the others outside like we’d normally do?

Ethan: Even with the heating conditioners outside, it’s still too cold outside. So we thought it’d be best if we met up at the cafeteria for lunch. We did this last year ya’know.

Maria: Oh. Yeah that makes sense.

Ethan: Plus it is the first day so they probably want to figure out where their classes are and not have to struggle having to figure out where they’re going.

Maria: Again, that makes sense. Well if nothing happens we can schedule out our own schedule.

Ethan: That sounds nice.

[Maria noticed Terence walking into the room.]

Maria: Hey, there’s Terence!

[Terence was talking with two of his friends.]

Ethan: Terence! Terence! Hey, Terence over here! [Waving]

Terence (to himself): [Sat down from faraway] Just ignore him and maybe he’ll go away.

Ethan: Terence! Ter-re-ence!!

[Ethan moved closer.]

Ethan: Terence!

[Ethan moved closer. Maria was facepalming in the background.]

Ethan: Terence!

[Ethan moved closer and sat next to him from his right, and whispered in his ear.]

Ethan: Hey Terence…

[A vein popped to the side of Terence’s head as his fingers twitched.]

Terence: WHAT?!

Ethan: Hi.

[Terence sighed, facepalmed, then turned to Ethan with a clear head.]

Terence: Hey…

Ethan: So, looks like we have the same class this semester. I didn’t think they’d teach this in a photography major.

Terence: Yeah, apparently it’s required. They want us to visualize what we’re looking at and see if its artistic enough to capture. Especially for the photography contest…

Maria: There’s a photography contest here?! Ah! That would be so much fun!

Terence: Yeah, [Smirks] it’s too bad only students can participate in it.

Maria: [Pouts, then points at Ethan] Ethan, you’re participating in it!

Ethan: [Stood with blank eyes] What?! Why me!

Maria: Because I can’t.

Ethan: That doesn’t give you any right to invade my social life!

[Maria and Ethan began “barking” at each other in the background while Terence slid his face into the desk.]

Terence: Good grief.

Professor Crisper: Okay, students! If you would turn your attention to me, we can get this done a lot faster than it needs to be. My name’s Professor Crisper and welcome to…

[We zoom into Professor Crispers lips.]

Professor Crisper: Art Research.

Maria: [Disappointed face] Oh, that makes sense.

Professor Crisper: In this class you will research for any artistic endeavors you may find then present it to me. You will write research papers, take pictures and give me the fullest scoop of what you may find. It can be anything as long as it helps inspire you to takes you to success and of course, get a good grade. For a demonstration, I’d like to give you an example.

[Professor Crisper activated the overhead and it showed visuals of Goop battling Charmcaster’s rock monsters.]

Professor Crisper: These aliens!

[Terence began laughing silently, while Maria tried to hold her laughter as Ethan tried to hold a straight face together.]

Terence: Look at that, Ethan. You have a secret admirer.

[Ethan grabbed his hair to his frustration as a vein popped to the side of his face.]

Professor Crisper: These creatures came out from nowhere until two years ago. This state has been flooded with alien attacks! Like this!

[The next slide showed XLR8 preparing to air kick Fistrick in the stomach.]

Professor Crisper: And this!

[The next slide showed Echo Echo preparing his Wall of Sound attack at the Tideslayer.]

Professor Crisper: And most importantly this!

[The next slide showed Ghoulseye battling Hex at a museum.]

Ethan (Thoughts): OH SON OF A BITCH!

Professor Crisper: So I expect you all to come back here on Thursday with pieces of inspiration to show me. This will be a class exercise with no points counted to your grade. I just want to know what makes you tick, like what makes me tick. Like this.

[Professor Crisper moves to the next slide showing a shirtless Four Arms wearing only a pair of neon green trunks as he was flexing his muscles on a beach. Terence and Maria tried their hardest to hold back their laughter.]

Ethan: OH GOD...

Professor Crisper: You are dismissed.

[The song ended. The scene shifted to the cafeteria where Ethan was sitting and discussing with Terence, Hannibal, Nikki, Alice and Maria about the class. Hannibal had his crutches hanging onto the side.]

Rise to the Challenge! - Ep 31 (Group Lunch)

Ethan: And then he pulls up an image of Four Arms flexing his muscles on the beach. Which… how did he even get that?!

Alice: I can’t believe you have a teacher as your superfan.

Nikki: I can’t believe Four Arms can even wear a swimsuit. I thought that he was a one outfit alien.

Hannibal: Please, do not put that image in my head.

Terence: You should’ve seen it, that was the most hilarious 30 minutes in my life.

Ethan: You won’t be laughing once Four Arms gives you stomach cramps!

Maria: I think it’s sweet.

Ethan: Really?! [Jaw drops]

Maria: Yes. Just as long as he doesn’t discover your identity, then you’ll know, we’ll have to “nik-nik”.

[Maria hand signaled their mind-wiping device.]

Ethan: I thought you of all people you would be on my side. Anyway, what classes do you guys have this semester?

Nikki: Well, Hannibal and I stretched out our schedules and we’re only going in the mornings so we have time for each other.

Hannibal: Except for my one 3 hour class on Thursdays. Damn, Professor Caudill.

Terence: I’m only coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Except for my one class on Wednesday. I just thought it would be easier to narrow it down to 4 classes so I could spend some time with May.

Alice: Well, I’m pretty much booked for everyday of the week. I signed up for 5 so I only to two classes on Monday and Wednesday, 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays but we don’t meet for one of them on Thursday, so there’s that.

Nikki: What about you, Ethan?

Ethan: For me, I’m going to two classes on Tuesday, including a third one on Thursday, followed by two classes on Monday-Wednesday. Maria thought it would help balance out my mission time.

Maria: And it does.

Ethan: But check this out, I got a class with all you guys. Alice for Screenwriting 2, Terence for Art Research, Hannibal for Action Analysis, and Nikki for… Fundamentals of Sculpture?

Nikki: Yeah, I just thought I’d take it as an elective. Plus I thought it would be fun.

Ethan: Cool.

Terence: Huh, apparently I have Action Analysis with you guys too...

Hannibal: Great, then it’ll be us guys together.

Terence: Fun…

Hannibal: I’m actually looking forward to this semester, I can finally put my Toolbox to use for my projects and the EXPO coming up.

Alice: Hey, aren’t you entering this year?

Hannibal: Yep.

Nikki: But what about your leg? Won’t it be hard for you to walk down the aisle?

Hannibal: Not a problem. They moved it back two weeks because it’s been so cold out. And luckily, by that time, my leg will be all healed up.

Nikki: Aw, Hanny.

[Nikki jumped to hug Hannibal. Alice smiled and looked down, then suddenly noticed her phone went off.]

Alice: Huh, looks like its all set up.

Ethan: What’s set up?

Alice: My date.

Terence, Hannibal, Maria, Ethan: Huh?!

Alice: Yeah, Nikki helped me set up a Tinder account last week. I’m going on a second date tomorrow, but this time with a different guy.

[Ethan’s body shook a bit.]

Ethan: Oh, really. Who is it?

[Alice pulled up her phone and showed it to the group. Terence, Hannibal and Ethan looked disgusted.]

Ethan: Is that Ian? Ugh…

Terence: Ew, That’s the guy we fought with in the paintball match last year. You’re going out with that guy?

Nikki: Hey, there’s nothing wrong with him.

Hannibal: Yeah, but uh… doesn’t he kind of remind you of someone?

[They tried eyeing at Ethan. Alice and Nikki shrugged.]

Nikki, Alice: Eh, I don’t see it.

Alice: Although, I’m kinda nervous about going out with this one...

Maria: Hey, why don’t we make this a double date. You and Ian, with me and Ethan.

Nikki: Yeah, that might be the best idea.

Hannibal: Not to mention, he was a jerk to us in the match. So how will he be any different then?

Terence: I mean you are going out with a Gaia student.

Nikki: Well maybe he’s changed.

Alice: I don’t know, but I'm going to grab some food from the cafeteria. I’m starving.

[Ethan’s stomach also grumbled.]

Ethan: Yeah, uh… I’ll go too.

Maria: Can you grab something for me? I haven’t eaten in hours.

Ethan: Yeah, sure…

[The song ended. We cut to Alice standing by the countertop dispensers looking for food. Ethan stood next to her.]

I'll Protect You

Ethan: So, you have a date?

Alice: Yeah. I thought it was just time to start getting myself out there and find the right guy.

Ethan: Oh. That makes sense… But mind if I ask? Why Ian?

Alice: I don’t know. He’s just seems different.

Ethan: Different? Alice, he’s a Gaia student, those guys are practically jerks.

Alice: Hey, you can’t assume all Gaia students are jerks.

Ethan: Okay, but...

Alice: But, what?

Ethan: He just isn’t right for you.

Alice: Oh, and what do you know about what’s right for me?

Ethan: Well I’m your best friend, aren’t I? I know I shouldn’t assume what’s right and wrong for you, but I just think you shouldn’t use Tinder to try and find the guy you’re looking for.

Alice: Oh, and what makes you know any better? [Grabs food.]

Ethan: Alice, I just don’t want to see you to get your heart broken, that’s all.

Alice: Like how you broke mine?

Ethan: A...Alice…

Alice: I’m going back to the others. Don’t speak of this.

[Alice walked away with her food and we cut to a depressed Ethan looking down. The song ended. We cut to later outside where Ethan and Maria were walking down the sidewalk, where they were talking with Terence, May and Nikki.]

May: I’m so glad you made additional time for me, baby.

Terence: No problem, babe. I told you I was going to make more, and I like keeping my promises.

Maria, Nikki: You? Keeping promises?

Terence: Hey, it can happen. Do you see how they treat me, Ethan?

[Ethan rolled his eyes. Suddenly, a group of Robots from Dimension 12 appeared nearby. They rolled their way out from the parking lot toward the group.]

Robots from Dimension 12: Destroy all flesh, and the works of flesh!

Event of Horizon! (Ep 31, The Robots Attack!)

[A crowd of bystanders ran away from the robots as they ran towards the campus. The robots began firing lasers. Maria grabbed her communicator on the ear.]

Maria: Activate Shield 3.

[A rubix yellow shield appeared in front of the robots, preventing them from entering the campus. Ethan turned to Maria in confusion.]

Maria: We set up a defense mechanism around the campus to prevent any further damage to the campus. You can thank the dean and Lieutenant Steel for that.

Ethan: Nice, now put it down!

[Maria exasperated, and pressed the switch. The robots went charging towards the campus while Ethan ran toward them. Ethan slammed down in a green light, then spun around, transforming into Lodestar.]

Lodestar: My magnetic personality [poses] is more than a match for you!

[The Robots of Dimension 12 fired lasers from their eyes. Lodestar created a shield and use it to bounce the blasts back. Lodestar raised his arm in the air and levitated one of them in the air. Lodestar forced its eye laser to fire the others. The other robots dodged the attack and it hit a tree, and disintegrated it to ash.]

Lodestar: Aw man. I hate it when they dodge my attacks!

[Lodestar levitated the robot towards the other robot, but without him noticing, there were people nearby.]

Maria: Ethan, the people!

Lodestar: There’s people?!

[Lodestar’s robot went flying into one of them, it exploded, creating a cloud of smoke. The cloud faded and it revealed the bystanders were protected by his shield.]

Lodestar: Phew, using counter shields is a lot tougher than its made out to-

[Lodestar was smacked from behind and was sent flying into the ground. A robot from dimension 12 blasted its eye lasers everywhere. Maria grabbed her gun and began blasting energy beams at the robot. Lodestar slowly got up as Professor Crisper stood before him.]

Professor Crisper: You’re one of the aliens who appears in the city! Can I get your autograph?

Lodestar: [Gets up] I’m kinda busy right now.

[Lodestar created a shield from behind, preventing a laser from blasting them.]

Professor Crisper: Ah! You saved me from that robot’s lasers!

Lodestar: Not the time!

[Lodestar flew in the air, raising his arms and legs before the remaining robots.]

Lodestar: Let’s finish this! With a DISMANTLING ATTACK!

[Lodestar created magnetic waves and it raised the three remaining robots in the air. They each began to dismantle one by one until eventually all their parts fell to the ground. The innocent bystanders cheered for Lodestar.]

Professor Crisper: You did it! You saved us from those metallic menacers!

Lodestar: Uh… yeah.

[Lodestar flew away from the campus, as Professor Crisper gazed with stars in his eyes, smiling. The song ended. The scene shifted to a one story house where Professor Crisper walked inside. We cut to him entering the basement as he walked down the stairs.]

Professor Crisper: Hey Frisky! I met the alien shapeshifter today! I did it! I met him!

Horror's Eye & Scavenging the Memories (Ep 31)

[Professor Crisper turned to his dog, laying on the floor as his eyes were shut.]

Professor Crisper: Would you believe that boy? Isn’t this astounding!

[No response.]

Professor Crisper: Boy?

[No response.]

Professor Crisper: Frisky, wake up? It’s me boy! Can’t you see?! I’m home!

[No response. Professor Crisper grabbed Frisky and shook him gently while tears fled down his eyes.]

Professor Crisper: It’s me boy, please! Can’t you respond? Please move a paw, itch your ear, say something!

[No response. Professor Crisper dropped a tear.]

Professor Crisper: Please...

[Professor Crisper began to cry while he covered his face. He looked up and saw the Omnitrix symbol on his monitor. Professor Crisper gazed at it for a moment. We suddenly see flashes of Professor Crisper’s past. First to him discovering the aliens online. Then to an explosion happening inside a building. Then to him being fired as security guards dragged him out from the room. Then to him arguing with his wife, to her leaving. Then to Professor Crisper setting in his house to smiling at his dog, as the dog smiled back. We cut to the present where he was still gazing at the Omnitrix symbol on his monitor, then ran towards the desktop and sat down.]

Professor Crisper: I gotta find him. I gotta find out who he is and make his power my own.

[We zoom out from him as he began to research the aliens on his computer.]

Another Day at Horizon - S2 (Ep 31)

[We shift to the next day where Ethan and Maria were seen leaving the Horizon campus.]

Maria: [Exasperates] I’m exhausted.

Ethan: Tell me about it, I can’t wait to go home and sleep, and-

[Suddenly, they found themselves running into Cassie, Alexia, May and Alice.]

Ethan: Oh, um. Hey, Alice.

Alice: Hey. I just came to remind you about the double date tonight.

Ethan: Oh, yeah! The date...

Maria: You excited?

Alice: Eh, kinda I guess.

Maria: Well, we look forward to meeting this guy tonight. Have you guys picked out a location yet?

Alice: We thought about the McDuffie Bistro. Because I know how much Ethan’s a picky eater. [Glares at him.]

Maria: He sure is... [Glares at him.]

Ethan: Hey! Why are we making this about me?!

Maria: Anyway, we’ll see you then!

[Ethan and Maria began walking away.]

Maria: You better not humiliate me, you got that!

Ethan: What?! The place isn’t that fancy!

[They were gone.]

Cassie: So wait a minute, that’s Ethan’s girlfriend.

Alice, May: Yep...

Alexia: She does look like one of those cheerleading bitches from high school.

May: Alexia!

Alexia: Well, it’s true.

Cassie: Anyway, I thought you and Ethan were going to go out? What happened.

Alice: We just saw different things apparently. No big deal, I’m going out with Ian tonight.

Cassie, Alexia: Who…?

[Alice groaned and showed a picture of Ian.]

Cassie, Alexia: Uh...

May: You sure you want to go out with this guy? Based on his profile, he has tons of pictures of his ex-girlfriend.

Alice: That’s because he hasn’t gotten around to deleting them yet. He’ll do it.

Cassie: Yeah, but… I don’t mean to judge, but he kinda looks disgusting.

Alexia: Actually he looks a lot like Ethan, only with acne and a bad taste in fashion.

May: His name does even sound like him...

Alice: Why does everybody keep saying that! Look. it’s my choice who I want to date alright?! So back off!

Cassie: Alright.

Alexia: We will!

May: But are you sure you’re going out with him for the right reasons? Or are you still hung up on Ethan?

[Alice paused, looking down for a moment, then resumed forward.]

Alice: Let’s just get to class…

[The girls looked at each other with concerned looks on their faces. The song shifted. The setting shifted to outside a neighborhood while the sun was setting. Terence was sitting in the back of a car with the window down as his friends slowly drove down a neighborhood while Terence looked for a spot to take pictures.]

The Echoing Distraction - Episode 31 (Terence Spies)

Jarrett: Terence, are you sure you’re going to find what you’re looking for out here?

[Terence was messing around with his camera while responding.]

Terence: Yes. Usually my inspirations come from nature and other visual experiences. It’s too cold to go out to Mount Seratu, and at least we’re only 15 minutes away from the campus.

Jarrett: By car!

Ludacris: Yeah, man. We drove around here 4 times, and I’m about to run out of gas.

[Terence sat his camera down and turned to them.]

Terence: Look, we’re not leaving until we get at least one picture for my assignment tomorrow morning, so if you could just hold out for 5 more minutes..

[Terence saw a familiar face, being Professor Crisper approaching a house.]

Terence: Yo, guys! Wait hold up.

[Ludacris slammed the brakes.]

Terence: I got something. I just need to get closer.

[Terence grabbed his camera and ran out of the vehicle.]

Jarrett: Terence, what the-

Terence: Shhhh!

[Terence sneaked past behind a bunch of bushes and glanced over. He noticed Professor Crisper was dragging a piece from the Robots of Dimension 12 into his house.]

Terence: That’s not right… What are you up to, Professor Crisper?

[Terence aimed his camera, then took a picture. A white light blinded the screen and the light faded, revealing to be coming from a chandelier. The song shifted.]

Hau'oli City Night - E-10 Cut

[We zoom down to Ethan and Maria sitting on one end of a booth inside a restaurant. Alice and Ian entered the restaurant and sat by the booth.]

Alice: Sorry, we’re late. Ian just had to stop by and get himself something.

Ian: What?! There was a sale at Gamestop, I wasn’t going to pass that up!

Maria: So, you must be Ian?

Ian: Yes, pleasure’s all mine. And you’re Ethan, right?

[Ethan glared at Ian.]

Ian: Sorry about the paintball match last year. That was sort of all their idea, I just went with it.

Ethan: [Twitching] It’s… fine… Are you still friends with them?

Ian: Oh yeah, we all still hang out. Except for Maddie, she and I broke up. I started hanging out with this one girl, and she mistook it for me cheating on her. Then she moved to Toronto and everything went south after that. But I’m better off without her. We didn’t see eye to eye anyway.

[Ethan and Maria looked at Ian with very disturbed looks on their faces. Maria clapped her hands and put on a straight face.]

Maria: Well, since we’re all here, let’s all have a good time, shall we?

Ian: Yeah!

Alice: So Ian, you told me you got a scholarship recently.

Ian: Yeah, I’m switching over to Mariana Tech in a few months. I found something else I’m interested in. Plus with my GPA score, I’ll have everything paid off for me so I won’t have to get a loan. Amazing, huh?

Ethan: Yes, really… amazing…

Waitress: Hello, I will be your waitress this evening. Can I start you off with some drinks?

Maria: Abbacchio Tea.

Alice: Water with lemon.

Ethan, Ian: And a Mr. Pibb… with no ice…

[The waitress wrote down their drinks while Ethan and Ian stared at each other in confusion. The waitress left, while Maria cleared her throat. Alice sighed.]

Ian: Wow, we both like the same thing, how coincidental is that?

Ethan: Yes… very… coincidental…

Ian: Oh, yeah! Alice told me you’re out to create the next generation’s cartoons, am I right?

Ethan: Yeah, I’m hoping to create something that inspires other people to create shows. Whether it’s through drawing, writing, animation. Pretty much that stuff.

Ian: Nice! I recently decided to become a Paleontologist. I wanna study fossils, bones and find all sorts of neat stuff to expand our zoos and hopefully inspire the next generation to study in what I’m going to do.

Alice: Isn’t that… cool?

Maria: That’s interesting... I actually study in alien findings and whenever me and my team find something, we, uh, hop right to it!

Ian: Aliens? Amazing! You know there’s been a lot of alien findings out in Merridale recently.

Maria: Oh really…

[The song shifted.]

Misinterpreted Information (Short, Ep 24)

Ian: Man, I hope they drop some cool fossils so we can collect some cool alien history and hopefully change history. Hey maybe you could help us out someday?

Maria: Yeah, uh... When we find something, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Ian: Hey, Alice, you’re a writer, right?! Maybe you can help me out write up reports on any findings. It would help make our findings very popular!

Alice: Yeah, maybe, we’ll see. [Sweatdrop]

[Maria whispers to Ethan.]

Maria: Wow, he really is you. He does know I could knock him out in two seconds.

Ethan: God, help us.

Hero's Counter Attack! (Ep 31)

[The sound of an explosion appeared from outside. Ethan stood up.]

Ethan: Oh, look! I have to use the restroom, if you may excuse me!

[Maria stood up and gave room for Ethan to swiftly sneak out and ran out of the restaurant.]

Ian: Does he always do this?

Alice, Maria: Don’t question it!

[The scene shifted to innocent bystanders running from the area as Ethan entered outside to see a large 20 foot Computron standing before him.]

Computron: Destroy all flesh and the works of flesh!

Ethan: Oh, hey! A giant Computron! Wow, they’re really shaking things up.

Computron: The Omnitrix Wielder.

Ethan: Wait, you have a voice box now too?!

Computron: Indeed. You have been a thwart in our plans for the last two years! Now prepared to be… destroyed!

[Computron was preparing its eye to fire a laser. We cut down to Ethan activating the Omnitrix. He raised his hand up.]

Ethan: I hate to do this twice in one week, but let’s see how metal is good against… my magnetic personality!

[Ethan slammed down and in a green blind light, it faded out to reveal he had gotten the wrong alien. He had taken a look at himself, revealing he had gotten Goop.]

Goop: Aw… Goop…

[Computron fired his laser and Goop slithered away to dodge the blast. Goop flew into the air.]

Goop: Can’t catch whatcha can’t see!

[Goop fired a gunk shot at its eye. Computron fired it away with his laser.]

Goop: Ah come on, I was sure that was going to work.

[It fired another laser Goop again and he dodged the attack. Goop slithered around as it continued firing lasers at the buildings. A large chunk of the ceiling went falling onto a couple and Goop grabbed them, forming a ball and bounced them away before being hit. Goop freed them and took deep breaths.]

Goop: I’m gonna have to get inside that thing if I’m going to stop this!

[Goop flew towards the wheel and mini lasers began firing at Goop.]

Goop: Ah! Defense systems!

[A laser blasted at Goop’s UFO and it went flying back, with Goop’s body splitting up and surrounding the area.]

Computron: The Polymorph is destroyed. Now to destroy this world!

Voice: No, you don’t!

[We turned to the voice, revealing to be Nikki flying towards Computron.]

Nikki (Firefly): Not when this fly is on the scene!

[Nikki released static electrical blasts at Computron. Computron was paralyzed and unable to move.]

Computron: Malfunction! Malfunction! Activating System Back Up!

[We turned to Computron’s vision, where Nikki carried Maria, who wore her navy-blue G.L.E.E. armor. Nikki flew up to its head and fired an explosive blast, damaging the head. Nikki flew down and sat Maria to the ground.]

Nikki (Firefly): Do it, Goop!

[Goop’s UFO flew back toward the scene, gathering all the remaining Goop which formed into a slithery shape, then it snuck into Computron’s systems, and destroyed it from the inside out. Computron began falling toward the ground, and it fell onto its side, landing on the street. Goop morphed out of Computron as the crowd cheered for the group. Alice and Ian were watching from outside the restaurant, Alice smiled. The song ended. The scene shifted to Alice having a disappointed expression as Ian was walking her home.]

Ian: And then I was like “Dude, stop eating your sloppy jokes on my perfectly white couch!” And then my friend said, “Why do you gotta phrase it like that?” And then I said “Because it’s a perfectly white couch and you made it look like you crapped all over it! I won’t be able to return it!” And so my friend finishes it with “Yeah, but now your perfectly white couch now has the dirty stain to remember me by!”

[Alice made no reaction.]

Ian: What’s wrong, wasn’t that funny?

Alice: Very...

[We arrived to Alice’s apartment door. Alice unlocked the door.]

Ian: So, now that we’re here…

[As Ian leaned in an attempt to kiss Alice, Alice's eyes widened and stopped him.]

E-10 - The Ortus (Short)

Alice: Whoa! Not so fast! What, you think just because we go on one date means we jump straight into a makeout session?

Ian: I mean you brought me to your place, I thought that’s-

Alice: No! God, you’re such a pig.

Ian: What’s wrong? I thought you were totally into me?!

Alice: I was. [Folds arms, looks away]

Ian: Then why-?

Alice: [Turns back] Look, I just thought you were going to escort me back to your home like a real gentleman would. [Turns back away.] Like… he would.

Ian: What?

[Alice looked up at Ian.]

Ian: What’s wrong, Alice? If there’s something you just want to say-

Ethan (Vision): -Just say it. I mean that’s what friends are for right?

[Alice snapped out of it.]

Alice: Oh god.

Ian: What?

Alice: Look, this is over, alright?

Ian: What?!

Alice: Good night.

[Alice slammed the door on Ian as the song ended. Ian looked down with a disappointed look on his face. The scene shifted to Ethan and Maria walking down the street.]

Ethan: I can’t believe we got to block off a street. That’s like a new record!

Maria: Really? You call that a new record? What about the time you unleashed an alien spirit onto the planet.

Ethan: Okay, true. But I’d rather be out there fighting aliens rather then being on awkward double dates.

Maria: God, Ian was just so disturbing, and a buzzkill.

Ethan: Tell me about it, he was giving me chills.

Maria: I am completely sorry for suggesting a double date. Since, we spent half the night doing something boring and disturbing to do. Let’s spend the other half doing something fun. [Smirks]

Ethan: Now that we can do.

[Ethan and Maria laughed. Suddenly, a shadowy figure stopped them from continuing.]

Shadowy Figure: So, you’re the alien shapeshifter I’ve been looking so much into.

Ethan: Aw, come on! We aren’t even in a dark alleyway!

Against the Gods (Commerical)

Maria: Get behind me!

[As Maria grabbed her gun, the figure swiped it away and tased Maria to the ground.]

Ethan: Maria!

[As Ethan prepared to slam down onto the Omnitrix, to his surprise, he was also tased to the ground. Both Ethan and Maria fell unconscious as the Shadowy Figure stepped out into the light, as he was revealed to be Professor Crisper.]

Professor Crisper: Oh please, she’s not the one I’m after. You are…

Under the Villain's Lair - Episode 25

[Maria began opening her eyes, and once her vision cleared, she woke up to see she was lying in an alleyway during the day.]

Maria: What…

[Maria looked around.]

Maria: Ethan…

[Maria ran out of the scene and the scene shifted to Ethan waking up in front of a bright light.]

Ethan: Wh-what?!

[Ethan’s eyes were wide open as we zoom out to him being strapped to a metal table with a light shining on him. Ethan was revealed to be inside Professor Crisper’s basement. There were photos of all 11 of his aliens scattered on the walls. Professor Crisper stood out into the light.]

Professor Crisper: Do you like it?

Ethan: No, I hate it.

Professor Crisper: Ah, too bad. I really thought you would like something that someone would admire them so much for.

Ethan: You’re not going to peel my skin off and put it on your face are you?

Professor Crisper: Of course not. Don’t be absurd. Actually, I should thank you, Ethan. Finally someone in this life gave me a purpose and a reason to live.

Ethan: What the hell are you talking about?

Professor Crisper: You see, I was just a deadbeat scientist who had nothing to live for. But then I started noticing all these alien sightings and was driven mad. I wanted to know everything about you. Your aliens, your powers, what makes you tick. I devoted all my time and energy just to find out just who you are. No matter what it cost! Whether it was my job, my wife, my dog! I had to be sure I knew everything about you.

Ethan: Wait I cost you your dog? Aw, not the dog!

Professor Crisper: He just passed away last night. He was the last thing I had left...

Ethan: Aw!

Professor Crisper: No matter! Because now I’ve found out who you are! When you first entered my classroom, I just saw you as an ordinary student. But once I saw that symbol on your watch, and once I saw your metal alien outside the campus, I was sure you were him! I even had to be sure it was you once you fought the robots last night as that slime creature. My research has finally paid off!

Ethan: Great, now you got me. Now what? What’s the evil bad guy speech this time?

Professor Crisper: Now! I’m going to extract my DNA and turn myself into an alien!

Ethan: And how the hell are you going to do that?

Professor Crisper: With my DN-Alien extraction device, of course! It’s like taking blood, only once I strap this device onto your little watch thingy…

[He strapped a dial onto Ethan’s dial, it shocked Ethan for a second.]

Ethan: Ow!

Professor Crisper: … I’ll be able to extract all of your DNA, and figure out every alien that’s inside that thing! Although, I’m not quite done yet. I just gotta set up my Genetic Adaptor Helmet first, that’s all. I have to be sure I do this correctly if I’m to become an alien!

Ethan: Welp, it was going to happen eventually. I was just expecting it to be by the SACT.

[The song ended. The scene shifted to Maria running down the Horizon campus hallways. She found Terence walking away from their class.]

Maria: Good, you’re here. Is Ethan here with you?

Terence: No, class was cancelled. Why, what happened?

Maria: Professor Crisper’s got Ethan.

Terence: I knew this was going to happen eventually. Ugh, why didn’t you call or text me?

Maria: My battery died. [Sigh] Great, now I’m gonna have to contact Lieutenant Steel.

Terence: You won’t have to, I think I know where he’s at.

[The scene shifted back to Professor Crisper’s room.]

Time For Action - Episode 31

Professor Crisper: There! Finally it’s finished!

[Professor Crisper held the Genetic Adaptor Helmet into the air, then connected a tube to it. He set it down on a table and walked over towards Ethan. He placed a tube onto Ethan’s dial, and the Omnitrix’s core began popping up and down, flashing red.]

Ethan: This can’t be good.

Professor Crisper: [Wearing the helmet] Now behold, Mr. Wellington! You’re about to see somebody else to transform into one of your aliens!

[Professor Crisper grabbed the switch. Before he could press it, Terence and Maria, wearing their GLEE armor jumped down the stairs, raising weapons in the air.]

Terence: FBI, Open up!

Maria: Actually it’s the SACT, but you get the idea.

[Maria blasted Crisper’s switch into the ground.]

Professor Crisper: No! You’ll ruin the experiment!

[Professor Crisper jumped down to grab the switch.]

Terence: Not so fast, ugly!

[Terence pounced onto Professor Crisper, and struggled to hold him down while he tried to reach for the switch.]

Maria: I just need a good shot…

[As Maria was aiming her gun at Professor Crisper, the two kept moving around until Maria eventually gave up and fired a pair of energy restrictors. Before they can latch onto Professor Crisper, Terence held him back, missing the two of them and hitting the green liquid a glass chamber. The chamber broke and the liquid spilled into the ground. The liquid splashed onto the switch and electrocuted both Terence and Professor Crisper as they screamed at the top of their lungs. Maria gasped. The song shifted.]

Ethan: Oh, crap.

Initial Intrusion & New Omni-Splicer Transformation

[In a green spinning background, Professor Crisper jumped off Terence as orange fur surrounded his body. We zoom into his left hand as a retractable claw grew out. Terence laid down on all fours as he roared out, also growing golden-brown fur. A green light blinded the screen as both Professor Crisper and Terence roared at the both of them.]

Ethan: Wait a second… WHAT ALIEN IS THAT?!

Rath (Professor Crisper): Let me tell ya something, Ethan Wellington! All this time, Crisper’s been waiting to transform him into an alien. And now that I have, OH YEAH! Now Crisper’s going to slaughter you all here, AND TAKE THE DNA FOR HIMSELF!

Wildmutt (Terence): RAAAHHHH-GRRRUFFF!!!

[Wildmutt pounced onto Rath.]

Rath (Professor Crisper): GET OFF ME! BAD DOGGY!

[Rath threw Wildmutt off him and he jumped onto Wildmutt as the two pounced each other back and forth. Maria unstrapped Ethan from the table and Ethan ripped off the dial off his Omnitrix. A hole broke in the wall and the two ran towards it, revealing Wildmutt had shook his head and Rath ran after Terence.]


Maria: They’re headed for the city.

Ethan: That probably means they’ll be heading toward the campus. [Turning the dial.]

Maria: We better go after them before somebody calls animal control.

Ethan: Which means, XLR8!

[XLR8 was selected from the Omnitrix and Ethan slammed down.]

[ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: An black and green jumpsuit swiftly surrounds Ethan’s body. Ethan’s face changed into Zerox’s as his tubes formed out. Zerox struck a pose as the Omnitrix symbol became surrounded with electricity.]

[OMNI-SPLICER ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: In a yellow spinning background, golden armor swiftly grew around his chest. Zerox raised his arm as he grew squiggly energy veins out from his armor, made up of yellow energy. They morphed into a similar shape to an endoplasmic reticulum. His tubes became surrounded in armor, with yellow energy glowing out from behind. We zoom out to his other arm as he most of his body was finished changing. We zoom into his face as a golden visor covered his face while his mouth formed a green orb.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: OMNI-SPLICER…

[OMNI-SPLICER ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: We zoom out from Zerox and he pounded his larger fists together, creating a flash of yellow light.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: ...ZEROX!


Omni-Splicer Zerox: Well, this is an unexpected turn of events?!

Maria: You’ll have to catch them on foot!

[Maria jumped onto her motorcycle.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Wait, but how am I supposed to-

[Maria drove off.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Aw, man…

[The song shifted.]

Down the Block & My First Friend at Horizon - Ep 31

[Meanwhile, Rath was chasing Wildmutt down the streets. Wildmutt jumped onto a car, then pounced off. Rath jumped on and pounced off. They came running into cars, jumping and bouncing off them.]


Wildmutt (Terence): RARAAAW, RAH-RAH!

[Wildmutt bit onto the roof of a car vehicle and ripped it off, scaring the passengers. Wildmutt threw it at Rath, and Rath sliced it in half.]

Rath (Professor Crisper): Nice try! But that won’t work on me!

[Wildmutt jumped away, while the scared passengers fearing for their life, Rath missed the car and jumped off. Relieving the passengers. As Maria drove down the road, she stopped her vehicle, and noticed the oncoming traffic was blocked for miles.]

Maria: Dammit!

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Hah! Who’s got the power now?!

[Maria noticed Zerox was using his tubes to stretch at far distances as he climbed past her.]

Maria: Ugh, I should have gave him a ride.

[Meanwhile, the scene shifted to Granny Judith looking out the window, noticing the traffic continued for another mile. We shift to her, Naomi and Hannibal waiting for traffic to pass.]

Hannibal: I appreciate you for taking me to school, Granny.

Granny Judith: Thanks, dear. I just wish we could do something about this dang traffic.

[Wildmutt ran past them, growling at ‘em. Rath pounced on the ground nearby.]

Rath (Professor Crisper): YOU CAN’T ESCAPE CRISPER!!!

[Rath jumped away.]

Granny Judith: What in the world?!

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Get back here!

[Zerox climbed past them.]

Hannibal: Granny, I’ll take it from here!

[Hannibal grabbed his crutches and stepped out of the car.]

Granny Judith: Hannibal, you can’t walk out here!

Hannibal: Just keep low!

[Hannibal left the scene. The scene shifted to Alice walking to campus. Ian caught up with her.]

Ian: Alice, wait!

Alice: Ian, I told you, I don’t want to be with you.

Ian: But if you just give me another chance, I’d-

[Rath was chasing down Wildmutt down the street. While Wildmutt whimpered, Rath was screaming at him. Ian grabbed Alice to block him from safety.]

Ian: Ah! Take her! I give!

[Alice had a disappointed look her face and moved his hand off him. Alice looked over to see Zerox climb right by her.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Wait, Terence! Hold on!

[Zerox left.]

Alice: I gotta go!

[Alice ran off to catch up with them.]

Ian: Wait, but I- aw….

[The scene shifted to the Horizon campus as Rath grabbed onto Wildmutt. Wildmutt threw Rath and he went flying into the fountain. The soaked Rath stood up as he was dripping everywhere]


[Rath pounced toward Wildmutt as they held each other back. Zerox eventually arrived to see them fight. Alice, Hannibal and Nikki caught up with them.]

Alice: What’s going on?

Omni-Splicer Zerox: My stalker kidnapped Terence and turned each other into each of my aliens. Or at least one of them, the tiger one is new!

Nikki: The day you turn into that thing…

[Maria drove toward the entranced and parked besides the group, sliding to the left. Maria stepped off her bike and took off her helmet, then grabbed her gun and fired laser beams at the two. Rath and Wildmutt bounced away from the attack and it hit a branch beside them. The branch snapped off and went flying towards Wildmutt. Rath ran away and before Wildmutt could get up, Zerox fired a laser from his yellow orb. It blasted the tree and duplicated the tree, splitting into two and landing beside him. Wildmutt stood back up, shook his head then pounced onto Rath. Wildmutt started biting Rath as the two started growling at each other. Wildmutt let out a few roars. Suddenly he looked up and saw a worried May watching from afar. This made Wildmutt frown, and let Rath get the better of him by climbing on top of him.]

Rath (Professor Crisper): Let me tell ya something, Terence Ramon! They say cats can’t beat dogs! But let’s see if Crisper can prove otherwise!

[Before Rath could strike at Wildmutt, one of Zerox’s tubes grabbed a hold of Rath, then it charged itself with electricity, which electrocuted and sent Rath into the ground. Wildmutt got up and shook his head. Zerox walked toward Wildmutt, who began barking at him.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Terence, are you okay?

Wildmutt (Terence): RUFF! RUFF!

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Wait, you can understand me?

[Wildmutt nodded.]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Okay! Follow my lead!

Wildmutt (Terence): GRUFFF!!!

[Zerox and Wildmutt charged toward Rath, who was slowly getting up. Zerox grabbed Rath with his tendrils, then Wildmutt pounced on and climbed up toward Rath. Zerox electrocuted Wildmutt’s fur, and gave Wildmutt the supercharge he needed and landed an electrical slash attack. This threw Rath into the wall, and Zerox used this strap him to it. Rath noticed this and began to struggle.]

Rath (Professor Crisper): ERRGHHH! Let me tell ya something...

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Professor Crisper, please! You need to snap out of it! You’re hurting people!

Rath (Professor Crisper): Why should I?!

Omni-Splicer Zerox: I know what it’s like to be obsessed with something, and what it’s like to lose somebody... Okay, maybe not at the same time. But you can’t let the things you hold so dearly take everything away from you.

[Rath starred at Wildmutt, then snapped out of it.]

Rath (Professor Crisper): CRISPER DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING ANYMORE! [Sobbing]

Omni-Splicer Zerox: Maybe not everything, but you can still salvage what you have left! You need to stop this Professor Crisper, please! You’re only going to make things worse for yourself and everybody around you.

[Rath looked at everything around him, and continued sobbing. Suddenly Rath was surrounded by green orbs then transformed back to normal. Shirtless, with ripped pants. Zerox freed Professor Crisper and he fell to the ground unconscious. Wildmutt watching from afar, transformed back into Terence, who was also shirtless and with ripped pants. May and Nikki ran to help Terence.]

May: Terence!

[Hannibal from one end, helped him up, while May helped the other. They walked away and the scene shifted over to later that day where the SACT were arresting Professor Crisper. Alice noticed a depressed Ethan was staring at the Omnitrix. Alice tried reaching her hand over to help him, but Maria grabbed his shoulder instead.]

Maria: Hey, it’ll be okay.

[Ethan smiled at Maria, which lead Alice to look away, then walk away. The song ended. The scene shifted to the next day at Horizons where Ethan, Maria, May and Terence were leaving the campus. Alice and Nikki were seen walking toward campus where they met up with them.]

Where the Ortus Bloom (E-10, Ep 8 Cut)

Nikki: Where are you guys going?

Ethan: Our class got cancelled, entirely.

Terence: Which means we’ll have to take the class at another semester.

Ethan: Which also means it’ll delay our graduations…

Alice: You know, I hear there’s a class over the Summer.

Ethan, Terence: YEAH!!!

Nikki: But sign ups aren’t until April.

Ethan, Terence: DANG IT!!!

Terence: Welp, since that was my only class today, I’m going home.

May: Are you sure you’re okay to drive?

[Terence began walking home as May followed beside him.]

Terence: Yes, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I’m not Wildmutt anymore.

May: I’m still escorting you home.

Terence: Thank you, babe.

Ethan: I’m going to go home too. While I still have a class this afternoon, my other one just got cancelled today too.

[Ethan and Maria began walking.]

Ethan: Apparently one of the cars Terence ran into was her, so she won’t be able to teach until next Thursday. Who could have figured!

Maria: You did.

Alice: Oh yeah, before you go.

[Ethan and Maria turned around.]

Alice: I just wanted to say I’m done dating Ian.

Maria: Thank god.

Ethan: What made you change your mind?

Alice: I just decided I’m going to wait a bit before trying the dating scene again. Besides, he was a disgusting pig.

Nikki: Let me guess, he tried to...

Alice: Yep.

Ethan: And that’s why I don’t use Tinder. Or any other dating app, they’re a waste of time. Even online dating was! I guess I just want someone real.

Maria: [Clings to Ethan] And luckily, you have me.

Ethan: There’s that.

[They continued walking. While Nikki turned to Alice to notice she made a fake smile. The song shifted.]

Just Between Us

[The scene shifted to Alice laying in her bedroom, struggling to sleep. She checked the time on her phone to see the clock turn midnight.]

Alice (Narrating): Today’s a new day, a new beginning. And when a new day arrives, everything changes around you. Some people use that to better themselves while others watch change happen around them, whether it's for the better or for the worst. And that change comes without a moment’s notice. So you better be ready for it, because if you aren’t, something worse can happen to you if you’re not prepared for it. Even the smallest things in life can change in a matter of minutes or even in a matter of seconds. And I’ve decided to embrace this change. I’m not going to let anything slow me down and let it distract me. No, I’m going to embrace this change to continue to become a better version of myself, and I’m not going to let anything stop me. Even if that means I have to change my relationships with my loved ones.

[MONTAGE: As Alice spoke, the scene shifted through Alice the next day walking to campus as she was covered in her winter clothing. Alice noticed she received three notifications from her phone. It was revealed to be from her friend group including Cassie, Alexia and May. Cassie asked if she was okay, while Alexia said she hope she's feeling better after last night, as May texted her to have a good day and that they'd see her at lunch. Alice smiled and continued walking. The scenes shifted to Professor Crisper laying in his jail cell as he stared at the ceiling and thinking about what had happened before. The jail cell opened and it was revealed to be his ex-wife to bail him out, who gave him a smile. Professor Crisper smiled back and the scene shifted back to campus as Alice had arrived. Alice noticed Hannibal and Nikki, May and Terence, and Ethan and Maria greeting her. Alice looked down to notice Ethan and Maria were holding hands and Alice took a deep breath and put on a smile. The scene shifted to them sitting inside the cafeteria as the group made conversation as Alice laughed back at something Hannibal said. We cut back to that night as the last scene showed Alice deleting her Tinder app, as we zoom out to see Alice changing her lockscreen from the picture of her and Ethan, to a literature lockscreen.]

[The setting shifted to inside Ethan’s room, where he and Maria laid down under the covers, fully clothed. Maria was cuddling next to Ethan, while Ethan watched the ceiling fan move around him, then sighed.]

Maria: What’s wrong?

Ethan: It’s just… I can’t believe I created someone like Professor Crisper.

Maria: It’s not your fault.

Ethan: It is, without these powers, I would never have driven him to such madness. He could have had a normal life, and kept everything he had ever loved. My stupid powers broke this person. Who knows how many other people I could have broken.

Maria: You’ve gotta look at it like this. You didn’t create Professor Crisper, he created himself. He allowed this to happen himself and he could have changed himself for the better. But he didn’t, so it’s not your fault he is this way. Plus, look at all the other people you created. Because of you, you’ve saved countless lives. You’ve given people hope and happiness, that no other person could have given them. Besides, no one else could have lived their lives without you.

[Ethan’s eyes widened and a bright white blinded the screen.]

Maria (Narrating): So you gotta think about the bigger picture here.

Ethan's Last Thought (Ep 31)

[We saw a flash at Alice turning over to the screen, giving out her biggest smile. Everything turned black.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Alice...

Forget me not - ReoNa - E-10 ED 4
E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

Episode 32 preview

[We shifted through scenes of a jail cell exploding. We cut to Lord Decibel and Punchinello stepping out of the cell. The scene shifted to Terence and May having a date where May looked away depressed. The scene shifted to Ethan and Alice inside an empty classroom where Alice turned away from him. The scene shifted to Lord Decibel, his goons and Punchinello putting on a show as Ethan watched his friends tied up before him. Ethan glared back at their performance as he prepared to transform.]


Major Events

  • The second semester of the school year begins.
  • Terence is healed from his injury against the Teotls.
  • Omni-Splicer Zerox makes his Omnitrix debut.
  • Alice accepts Ethan and Maria's relationship and moves on.
  • Ethan still has feelings for Alice.


  • The Teotls begin plotting what to do with the Earth.
  • Hannibal is still wearing the cast on his leg and carrying his crutches since his injury against the Teotls.
    • However, Terence is revealed to be all healed up since then.
  • Alice tries to move on from her feelings towards Ethan after finding out about their him and Maria's new relationship.
  • It's revealed Ian and Maddie from Paintcraft, have broken up since the events of that episode.
  • Ethan re-realizes all the messes he's created since he first found the Omnitrix. This had also happened in Spirited Away, Part 2.



Aliens Used

Used By Ethan

Used By Professor Crisper's Invention

  • Rath (used by Professor Crisper, first appearance)
  • Wildmutt (used by Terence)


  • The episode's climax is based on "Animorphosis" from the Ben 10 reboot.
    • Professor Crisper's Rath is based on Ben's Rath counterpart from the Ben 10 reboot.
    • When Profesor Crisper is hit with the DNA, he becomes a counterpart to Rath, just like Dr. Animo
  • The McDuffie Bistro is named and referenced after Dwayne McDuffie.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Hau'oli City Night
    • The Ortus
    • Where the Ortus Blooms


  • The ending song has changed to Forget Me Not, performed by ReoNa.
  • Zerox is the first new alien introduced to be Omni-Spliced in the same season.
  • Terence is the first of Ethan's friends to transform into an alien.
  • It's revealed between Seasons 1 and 2, Computron received an upgrade to counter Ethan, this includes changing his size to be it's size in Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • This is Runny's last episode on E-10: Horizons.
  • Alanomaly guest stars to co-write for the episode.
  • This is the first E-10 episode to air in the 2020 decade.
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