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Crick'A'Jump is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of an Orthopterran from an unknown planet.


Crick'A'Jump has orange insect-like eyes and a blue exoskeleton. He has two antennae on his head and wears a black suit with a visible chest. He has two small wings on his back, but due to his size they are not completely useful. He wears the Hero watch symbol on a white and blue belt, and also has a red scarf.


Crick'A'Jump appears to be very eager to fight and sometimes, even excited. He is one to dive headfirst into a situation without much consideration, making him somewhat cocky.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his relatively long and muscular legs, Crick'A'Jump is able to jump extremely long distances. His legs can also kick with considerable force, making them offensive weapons in close-quarters. Due to this, his head is hard as steel and full of shock-absorbing viscous matter that cushions the impact on his internal organs.

The resulting shock waves created by Crick'A'Jump's jumping are strong enough to crack concrete and push through a large number of Mutant Ants that were on top of him.

Crick'A'Jump possesses enhanced strength, as he is capable of lifting and throwing a Muroid and he can combine his strength and jumping, as seen when he bounced Milleous around.

The claws on Crick'A'Jump's arms and legs can dig into hard surfaces, allowing him to scale walls and other tall structures.


If he gets stuck in the sticky goo sacs of his natural predator, Mucilator, Crick'A'Jump will be unable to escape.

Crick'A'Jump's body is not as shielded as it looks; when a missile struck him, he started to stroke his head and feel great discomfort from the impact. Furthermore, he was easily hurt by punches from Princess Looma.

Crick'A'Jump cannot jump from high altitudes, as he was unable to jump from Khyber's ship to Bellwood because it was too high up in the air.

If his legs are hit correctly, Crick'A'Jump will move backward automatically.