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Very strong warrior, with great intellect and one of the fastest reflexes.


Ethnologist Trainer

First Appearance

Who's Legion?

Last Appearance

The Butterfly Effect

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Voiced by

Michael Wincott

Cretox is an ethnologist and new ally of the group in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. His species is Ghinordan form the planet X'nelli. He has offered to help and train Ben with his knowlegde of species. He's also a great strategist and a potential fighter.

Physical Appearance

He's a humaniod alien with a hard skin. His size is 6 feet 56 or 2 m in normal circumstances. His size is 9 feet 81 or 3 m. His chest in the middle, his neck, his upper arms, his upper legs, his toes and his fingers are light blue. His feet, his hands, his kneecaps, his cheeks and the rest of his chest are blue. His legs, his forearms, his face and his shoulders are black. He always wear only a skirt.

Powers and Abillities

He posses great knowlegde of intergalatic species: their behavior and their way to attack. He's also a great strategist. He can stretch his limbs and his torso. He has also great reflexes as he was capable of hitting a Citrakayah in full speed, similar to Sir George.


Cretox doesn't seems to care much about the things that happen around him. He's a master strategist and will reveal his plans only to the one involved, as shown in Joyride and The Guardians of Arkom. He can be very ruthless and doesn't bother to beat his pupil up as punishment for his mistakes. But deep inside he cares about his pupils and his friends.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 1

Season 2



  • Ben's training starts in Season 2.
  • He's member of the Alliance.
  • He's a close friend to Azmuth.
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