Creatorix is a machine/device in "Get Animated" that was used by Helene to change into aliens and more.


A simple design that blends in like a normal wristwatch. the strap is white to an off-white color, while the head has the signature Omnitrix symbol in green and dark grey to black.


It was made by Azmuth from the original Omnitrix prototype that got blown up at the end of Alien force, it was designed much differently compared to the original design he had before, so in actually this is just the Omnitrix 3.0 in the end or 4.0 if you count the Ultramatrix, but not the re-calibrated version of Prototype.



Basic mode: last longer than advance before timing out.

  • access alien database.
  • access user interface of sorts.
  • settings.
  • built-in user manual, if you can find it.
  • built-in clock that adjusts the time automatically when needed.
  • built-in communicator.
  • Flashlight
  • Built-in translator for known aliens and languages.

Advance mode: uses more power than basic.

  • Alien transformation, primary use, and function.
  • Genetic reconfiguration, altering or repairing


  • First as just the head of the watch, which is also the core and what makes it work and function.
  • Once placed on a person it becomes a regular watch with straps of white to off-white.
  • Etc.


  • It uses the original Omnitrix prototype just reforged.
  • I did have in mind of an alternative color scheme of grey, brown, and pink but opted for the classic.
  • Omni Prime original used this model before she received the one from the Omniverse.
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