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Crashhopper is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown race.


Crashhopper is a green, insectoid-like creature with a resemblance to a grasshopper and a preying mantis. He possesses a sharp, horn, which is used as a ram, with two smaller horns where his eyes are.  Crashhopper has large three-jointed limbs, with film connected to the tibia and tarsus of his legs. 

Crashhopper has three fingers, on his hands, with small spikes behind them. He has two toes on his feet, with small spikes behind him, and one on the back. Crashhopper has deep black circles around his green eyes.

He has segmented gills on his armpits, alongside his head, and some on his costume. Crashhopper wears a pair of black overalls, which acts as a shirt, with two white stripes. He has one white stripe, the 'collar', which is above another white stripe. This white stripe has two green stripes on the side of the stomach, where the Omnimatrix V is located on. Lastly, he has one white stripe on his tip.

When speaking, Crashhopper has a cricket-like sound, and a high-pitched voice.

Powers and Abilities


Crashhopper has the ability to jump extremely long-distances. This leaves shockwaves to disorient enemies.

Crashhopper can use this to break extremely durable substances. He also uses his head as a battering ram. Lastly, Crashhopper has claws used to scale buildings.


Crashopper isn't exactly protected easily, he doesn't have a lot of defensive capabilities. This makes it easy to hurt him.

Crashhopper cannot jump from high altitudes.

If Crashhopper's legs are hit, he will move back automatically.


  • Crashhopper is more of a cocky alien. He has a tendency to head into things without thinking.