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Shade 10: Evolutions
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date -
Written by Waiyenoo111
Directed by Waiyenoo111
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This is the third episode of Shade 10: Evolutions (Rebooted).

News in Space[]

  • Destruction done everywhere on Planet Methanos.
  • Empress Iceni has taken over Planet Fierra after four successful rebellions against the tryants.
  • Azmuth's prototype Omnitrix has been missing.
  • The Galvans have released bounty hunters in such for it.


This all started when...

"BELLUM!!!!" Calliste shouted "Give me back my ticket to paradise!!!!!"


"Ticket to what?" Nemesis asked.

Calliste said "It's just a stupid ticket"

Yes,...a stupid ticket. Which would lead to a large problem. *SPOILER ALERT* I should have put that in the front sentence...Anyways..

"Then why would Bellum take it?" I asked.

Calliste grinned "It's a ticket for a trip to a vacational island"


"Wow...I am surprised" I said with irony.

Suddenly, Arcina's eyes began to water. Then, she screamed. Oh brother. Last time, we tried to console her, it caused quite a rainbow. Then, immediately, a stream of colourful light appeared bouncing all over the place.

"DUCK!!!" Osirius shouted.

The light hit Calliste and splattered her on her body like a paintball.

Calliste stammered "Wha..what..HAPPENED!!!"

She held up her mirror and screamed. Calliste was indeed..hideous.

"It'll be fine" I said.

Her eyes narrowed and glared at me..which is not possible because you can narrow your eyes and glare.

"FINE!!! I'll bring you all to the vacation!!!!" she began muttering how she can't have alone time and all that.

Bellum grinned. Arcina smiled. I frowned.

"I think she is going to desert us in a desert planet and have her vacation..alone" I suggested.

Nemesis smiled. the first time "Nonsense.."

Four Minutes Later on the Earth's Moon[]

"Holy Crap" Upto said.

Nemesis said "I know, this place is smelly."

Upto asked "I can't smell anything though."

"I told you so!!!!" I shouted at Nemesis.

Nemesis replied "Whatever..."

"Don't whatever me!!!!"

"I did and I will!!!!!" Nemesis replied.

Our argument suddenly halted when Bellum appeared like a maniac. He had two spatial-explosion dynamites on mouth and handed it to Nemesis.


"Just take those dynamites!" Upto shouted.

"Ok....what did you do this time?" I asked.

Bellum replied "Iriggedtheshipwithexplosive"

And then, a series of rapid-fire expletives and swearwords came out of my mouth. That even made all of Upto, Bellum and Nemesis' blush and gasp.

"YOU WHAT? I AM SO GONNA KILL YOU!!!!" well, this is censored though.

Upto guessed "So..."

To be finished