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Cranvius Sapience
Cranvius Sapient.png
General Information
Home Planet Cranvius
Body Insectoid
Predators Bone Wraiths
Diet Omnivore (Scavengers)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Death Sense
Danger Sense
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Fine Manipulation
Construction Proficiency
Weaknesses Vulnerable Body
Weak Fighter
Present In Omnitrix
Unitrix Database (AoU)
Appears in Spooktober RPG

The Cranvius Sapience are Vertebrain's species. They live on the planet Cranvius.


Cranvius Sapients are humanoid insects with four legs and four arms. Their heads appears like a skull, and random parts of skeleton are strewn across their body acting as an artificial exoskeleton. They have dark skin, contrasted by the bright bone covering them.


Cranvius Sapients are highly intelligent, and possess unrivaled motor skills. They use these powers to build make-shift statues to distract predators and threats. This skill can be combined with their ability to detect when a creatures dies nearby to avoid detection themselves.

They also possess the ability to attach any skeleton parts they find onto their body, improving their artificial exoskeleton.


The body beneath their bone exoskeleton is very weak and vulnerable.

They possess next to no fighting skills, and are near useless in hand-to-hand combat.

If caught off guard, a Cranvius Sapient may find themselves victim to a Bone Wraith's fear inducement.

Known Cranvius Sapience



  • The species is as a whole known as the Cranvius Sapience, but individuals or groups of individuals are referred to as 'Cranvius Sapients'
  • Newborn Cranvius Sapients have no exoskeleton, bar their skull. They have to scavenge the environment to build their own unique exoskeleton. Sadly, this makes the law of natural selection extra prevalent among this species.
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