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General Information
Star System Cranvius System
Entity Type Dwarf Planet
Environment Graveyard
Habitability habitable (uncomfortable)
Sapient Species Cranvius Sapience
Non-Sapient Species Bone Wraiths
Cartilage Crawlers

Cranvius is a dwarf planet that is home to the Cranvius Sapience, among other non-sapient races. It is a free use planet.


Often referred to as 'The Graveyard of Giants' or the 'Planet of the Dead', Cranvius's surface is covered in the bones of the deceased. From To'kustar to Hamsapien, the variety of skeletons found here is truly impressive. Very few creatures can be seen living on the surface, with the exception of the distinguishable Bone Wraiths.

Vegetation on this planet is scarce, and it is the furthest planet from its star in its system.


Very little is known of the history of this planet, only that at some point it became ritual for some species to dump their deceased here (probably during the Heaven Wars). Some would bury their dead, but that only meant more time spent vulnerable to Bone Wraith attacks. It's not as though burying them makes a difference, considering how many corpses are left out in the open and you'd only be burying them beneath other bodies.

These rituals began long before anyone was aware that life existed here at all. The first species discovered was the Bone Wraiths, for fairly obvious reasons. Despite being a sapient race, the Cranvius Sapience was actually one of the last species to be discovered on the planet, using their intelligence to evade detection.

At some point a documentary was filmed here by the Betelgeuse Broadcasting Corporation. During filming, A Sapient interacted with the drone. This is perhaps the first interaction between the Cranvius Sapience and an alien intelligence.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species

Non-Sapient Species


  • This planet was originally designed by Alan, but was slightly altered by Aaron for diversity sake.


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