Cranios Lamas
General Information
Home World Grovour
Body Robotic Humanoid (armor)
Liquid Humanoid(outside armor)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Solid Matter Ingestion
Enhanced Strength
Sharp Claws (armor)
Enhanced Durability (armor)
Flight(outside armor)
Enhanced Speed (outside armor)
Enhanced Agility (outside armor)
Acid Blasts (outside armor)
Energy Blasts (armor and after eating)
Energy Absorption (outside armor)

Cranios Lamas is a species from the planet Grovour.


Cranios Lamas armors are aquagreen colored.They have black claws both at their arms and feet.Their mouths have the shape of a bear trap.They have a huge fin on their heads where they shoots energy blasts.Their stomachd are transparent,you're able to see a aquagreen liquid with bubbles floating inside.

The liquid is actually their true forms.They looks like slender humanoids with a similar heads like their armored forms but smaller.

Powers and Abilities

Similar with Gourmands and Oryctinis they have the ability to digest materials to charge up an attack that comes from their fins.

While they're in the armor they're pretty much invulnerable to any kinds of attacks.

Outside their armors they can fly, shoots acid blasts and absorb energy.

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