Crane Fly
Crane Fly 2018
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Home Planet:



Winged Insectoid

Other Info

Extendable Proboscis
Hooked Proboscis
Limited Flight
Extendable Legs


Uncoordinated Flight
Lanky Legs

First Appearance:

MvT Chapter 5: Cat's Claws (Multiverse vs. Tennyson)

Crane Fly is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Ciconulidae from the planet Hamoboscis.


Crane Fly has a brown body with an extended abdomen that has darker brown stripes. He also has darker brown markings on his thorax. His head is primarily taken up by his green, segmented eyes aside from where his long proboscis is held, which has a light brown hook at the end. He has long, light brown legs that can extend or retract, as well as transparent, light brown wings.

Crane Fly wears the Omnitrix on his back just behind his head.


  • Crane Fly has an extendable hooked proboscis that he can use to grab things or sling around as a weapon.
  • Crane Fly has flight, but only to a limited extent.
  • Crane Fly's legs are extendable and retractable, which make up for his limited flight.


  • Crane Fly's flight is uncoordinated, meaning he is not as good a flyer as most other flying aliens.
  • Crane Fly's legs are rather lanky when extended which can be exploted by enemies by hitting his legs to make him fall over.


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Ben 10: Time's End


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


Ben 10: Time's End


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


  • Crane Fly's name is a simple pun on "crane" and "crane fly," the specific insect he's named after and based on.
  • Crane Fly's species name is a play on "ciconia," meaning crane, and "tipulidae," the scientific name of the crane fly.
  • Crane Fly's planet name is a play on "hamo," meaning hook, and "proboscis."
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