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Crack-O-Dile is the Model-X's DNA Sample of a Waretanoid from the planet Faust-V in the Pandora System.


Crack-O-Dile is a large crystalline reptilian alien. Crack-O-Dile stands at a height above the average human. His body is made completely out of light-pink and white-colored crystals. The crystals on his head form a sort of mohawk that runs all the way down his spine and down his tail, growing spikier the further they travel. Moving down Crack-O-Dile's neck, there are cracks on his neck that resemble gills. Crack-O-Dile has four blue eyes on his face, two large and two small.

The 'clothing' on Crack-O-Dile's body is instead made up of the white crystals of his body that form a jacket-like design over his chest. True to his name, a number of cracks appear on Crack-O-Dile's crystal body, a glow constantly being seen through the cracks. Although hard to notice, the cracks form an hourglass-symbol on Crack-O-Dile's chest.

The Model-X's Symbol is placed on Crack-O-Dile's chest.


  • Crack-O-Dile is able to completely bypass the defensive properties of any materials he makes contact with, by using his ability to 'crack' objects. By making physical contact with something, he can create a crack on it which he can then feed energy through to destroy an object from the inside. He is also able to bounce the beams off of certain surfaces.
  • Crack-O-Dile is able to generate and fire out multicolored beams of energy from all over his body, usually from the cracks present on his crystal body. He can completely control the intensity of the blasts he generates.
  • Strangely enough, Crack-O-Dile is aquatic and is actually a really good swimmer.
  • Crack-O-Dile boasts a surprising amount of strength as well, although he can be overpowered quite easily by stronger opponents.


  • Although he's quite sturdy when it comes to physical attacks, sonic attacks can shatter the crystals on Crack-O-Dile's body and even render him unconscious.
  • Crack-O-Dile is capable of limited regeneration, but it takes time and can be done improperly if rushed.

History and Appearances



  • Crack-O-Dile's entire concept was based on Gentoku Himoru, otherwise known as Kamen Rider Rogue from the Kamen Rider Build series.
  • Crack-O-Dile's species of "Waretanoid" comes from the Japanese word of "Wareta" which means Cracked.
  • Faust-V is based on the villainous faction, Faust, from Kamen Rider Build. It was Gentoku's organization for the first quarter of the series. The Pandora System is also based on the series MacGuffin, the Pandora Box.