Cracheur is a Spheroid from the planet Scalpasc in Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure. Her full name is Cracheur Asidas Lipper.


Cracheur is a green round alien with very jointed arms and pink eyes with red plus pupils on the sides of her mouth. Her teeth aren't very sharp, and she has braces. She has various yellow hair hanging from her head, and a tail with a spike on it. She has black pants with a white stripe on both legs, and a purple shirt with a yellow smily face on it.

As the caretaker, Cracheur likes to stay inside and knit or watch home improvement shows on TV. She is a remote hog, but usually cares about all living things, except bugs. She uses her bug spray spit to kill them. Cracheur also sometimes regurgitates random stuff.


  • Inflating and creating very strong gusts of wind
  • Spitting water
  • Sticky spit
  • Acid spit
  • Freezing spit
  • Spitting cement
  • Spitting spit that slows people down
  • Hot spit
  • Spitting any liquid
  • Spitting spit to freshen things
  • Bug spray spit
  • Spitting intangibility cancelling goo
  • Creating figures from green spit then licking the figures' chests to bring them to life


Her mouth can be plugged up, making most of her powers useless.


  • Cracheur, Parva Magna, and Ego
  • Every episode after that
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