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Crablight is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Flashtacean from the planet Crustacia.


Crablight looks similar to a crab.

Crablight is a two-foot, crab-like alien. He has sandy-beige skin with a dark brown shell, positioned on the top of his head. He has two pincers coming out of his head, both of them with black markings similar to gloves. His left pincer is much larger than his right. He has a black uniform with a yellow stripe running through it and four crab legs coming out of it.

Crablight wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


Crablight sounds like Jay, but higher pitched and with a little more rasp.

Powers and Abilities

Crablight can project powerful and bright blasts of light similar to a flashlight, but with a longer range. Technically speaking, his light is much brighter than a Flashguanite's light, and he can generate his own light in dark places.

Crablight can release a powerful blast of bright light from his left pincer, which is solid and acts like an energy beam and can destroy almost all nearby materials in its radius. However, it is extremely difficult to control.

Crablight can control and manipulate nearby light sources, being able to either switch or block the light or absorb it to power up his light blasts.

Crablight has excellent night vision Thanks to an internal luminescent organ which generates light within his retinas.

Crablight can breathe and maneuver excellently underwater by running at a quick pace. He can even swim properly.

Crablight's exoskeleton is extremely tough, surviving a crash into a wall. He can also molt his shell to reduce deterioration.

Crablight's left pincer is quite strong, and can carry about two times Crablight's body weight. His right pincer is not as strong, as it is not as big. Together, Crablight can carry about four times his weight.

Like real crabs, Crablight can dig extremely quickly by continuously moving his feet into the sand.

Crablight can use his feet to scale walls without any difficulty.

Crablight can eat sand and release them as balls, which can be fired like projectiles at opponents, either hurting their eyes or just creating an explosion. The sand can also block weaponry fire.

Crablight can enter extremely cramped spaces due to his relatively small size.


Crablight is not very large, giving him a weakness against stronger enemies.

Crablight's left claw is slightly heavier than his right claw, making it slow-moving.


Crablight's name is from crab and flashlight.


  • Crablight's original design had symmetrical claws and blue skin, as well as a dark blue shell.
  • The idea for Crablight being able to shine light from his shell was thought of by Echoson.
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