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Pyros System
Body Crab/Rhino Beetle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Sharp Horn
Pyro Immunity
Enhanced Speed
Space Survivability

Crabdozers are Pyronite's natural predator found in Pyros and in orbit.

Life Cycle

Even though Crabdozers are considered native to Pyros, they don't actually live there for most of their life cycle. Most of the time, they are in space orbiting the Pyros system like asteroids. At certain times they change course to crash into Pyros. They feed for a time before riding solar flares back out into space.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Crabdozers have enhanced strength and durability.

Crabdozers are very fast for their size, as Crabdozer was able to keep up with Spidermonkey.

Crabdozers can smash through almost any thick wall with their horn.

Crabdozers cannot be harmed by fire due to their hide.

Because they spend most of their lives in space, Crabdozers are able to survive in a vacuum.

Notable Crabdozers

Fan Fiction


  • Crabdozers can be found in game preserves.


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