Crabdozer is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Crabdozer from the planet-like star Pyros and the predatory species of Pyronites.


Crabdozer is a huge, rock-based life form with a crab-like body and a rhino-like face. Crabdozer walks on six crab-like legs and has spikes on its legs. It has a long horn and small ears. Crabdozer has a dark purple/grey color scheme with sunken red eyes. It also has magma displayed around his body.

Crabdozer wears a clackcollar with the Nemetrix on it.

Powers and Abilities

As its size suggests, Crabdozer has enhanced strength and durability and is very fast for its size, as it was able to keep up with Spidermonkey.

Crabdozer can smash through almost any barrier with its horn and cannot be harmed by fire.

Crabdozer can put out Heatblast by placing him inside of its mouth, as its saliva being a fire-suppressant.

Crabdozer can survive in the vacuum of space.


Due to his size, it cannot enter in small spaces.



  1. It's Cool in the Cold


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