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Crabclaw is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cancerpes from the planet Litorna.


Crabclaw looks like a large yellowish crab with brown head and claws. He has two big teeth and has spikes on his head. He has a total of six limbs - two arms and four legs.

Powers and Abilities

Crabclaw can climb walls at fast speed. He is also fast on ground and water.

Crabclaw's strongest weapon is his claws, strong enough to easily destroy a rock. He also can use them to throw victims high in air or release shockwaves.

He has a strong-shelled head and sharp teeth.


Crabclaw can breathe underwater, but only at low pressures, and can't withstand oceanic bottoms.

Crabclaw is Testux's natural prey.




  • Crabclaw is coincidentally similar to Kraab.
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