These Lobster-Shark aliens are native to planet called Hydrayshun IV.


On their planet  they are known as muscluar body-builders, fearsome rivals, or greedy henchmen. These occupations were taken after their 2nd planet was destroyed, in which they were depressed to the point they took on other lives instead of being the relaxing species they were. Their swimming speed and strength made them tough creatures to battle or compete against. However, some Crabbian Sharkians were angry enough from their loss to become the one of the many strong aliens to gain a bad reputation as well. Crabbian Sharkians have a jaw with razor blade-like teeth, steel-crushing claws, enhanced strength, and underwater swimming. These traits made them well known through out some parts of the galaxy. One thing is certain though, these aliens sure are mighty.


Their blood consists of water, so electricity and being frozen could prove fatal or seriously dangerous.


  • Even their Species name is a cross of a Crab and Shark.
  • Their reputation is similiar to semi-evil bounty hunter or crook.
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