Courtney Slash
Courtney for Slash
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alias Court
Part In Team Employee Of Slash Performance Motors
Alternate Counterparts TBA
Friends Alex Blade

Caitlyn Brown

Relatives Tony Slash - Cousin

Theresa Slash - Cousin

Age 18
Status Alive
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities N/A
Equipment Future Plumber Suit
Car Ford Shelby GT-350 - Beast
Voice Actor Emma Lahana (Voice of Kira Ford from PRDT)
First Appearance Meet The Ultimatrix, Your Only True Friend

Courtney Slash is a hero in Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures. She first appeared in Meet The Ultimatrix, Your Only True Friend. She is a human from the planet Earth-71.


Courtney appears as a 18 year old blonde with blue eyes and a some streaks of purple in her hair. She wears a short cut dress with purple on it. Her mechanics uniform consists of a grey t-shirt with a white tank-top underneath, a pair of blue jeans, which are grimy most of the time. With her job for Tony, she also has to pull her hair back to keep it somewhat clean. She also has three other dresses and hair styles that are listed in the gallery below.


Courtney is a sweet girl. She’s not really a fan of the arrogance her cousin Tony has. Courtney is the type of girl that younger girls look up to. She’s serious about almost everything she gets into.

Powers and Abilities

Courtney doesn't have any abilities at all. Though she is working on Jujitsu.


She doesn't have any weaknesses at all, well that are known currently.


Courtney and her cousin Tony were heading towards her friend's, Alex's, house in a suburb outside of Trenton. Then she, Tony, and Alex were teleported by Azmuth to Galvan Prime. As they arrive on Galvan Prime, she's taking in the wonder of the planet. After Tony and Azmuth teleported to Galvan Prime, Courtney and Alex decided to catch up on what happened during the week.



  • Tony Slash - Cousin
  • Theresa Slash - Cousin
  • Martha Slash - Aunt
  • Howard Slash - Deceased Uncle


  • Alex Blade - Bestfriend and Love Interest

Love Interests

  • Alex Blade - Courtney and Alex have shared feelings since they've been in highschool together, no thanks to Tony.




  • Theresa's infobox on Slashthehedgehog95's page is basically the same as the one on this wiki because he was planning on making Theresa Tony's sister but he never got to it.
  • She was a former character from BTUH (Ben 10: Ultimate Hero)


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