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Courtney Lawrence is a secondary protagonist throughout the Ben 10: Age of the Timewalkers series. She is Ben's best friend and primary love interest. She is also a current timewalker-in-training.


No Watch Courtney looks just like Courtney Prime, with the same alabaster-white skin, mocha-brown eyes, tiny mole by the side of her mouth and rouge-pink lips. Her hair is also the same color and braided, but she has no ribbon woven into it, instead wearing a neon-blue headband. Her hoodie is a dark shade of blue instead of olive green and her jeans and shoes are the same.

Bestie selfie! (art by zzzhoseki)

Her Timewalker combat outfit consists of her hoodie becoming a bright blue long coat with light blue accents and a black hood. Her bracelet becomes a black ring finger glove with a clock on it. She also comes with golden steampunk-style travel goggles.


Due to the lack of stumbling upon either the Omnitrix or Neotrix, No Watch Courtney doesn't quite exercise her reckless side as often as Courtney Prime got to, leaving her to be slightly less outgoing growing up. The only person she showed her true self to was No Watch Ben, her best friend. Still, as loyal as ever, she does whatever she can to protect those around her, even if it puts her at risk.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Same as her counterparts, No Watch Courtney took the same classes as No Watch Ben did in their youth, skilled in the ways of personal self-defense.
  • Time Warping: A skill taught by Paradox, No Watch Courtney is steadily learning how to bend time and space to teleport and travel throughout dimensions and other small distances.
  • Pendulum Shield: Gifted to her by Paradox, Courtney wields a supernatural shield in battle, which she often uses for defense or disc-related offense. It is activated by pressing the clock on the ring of her finger glove.
  • Shield Dash: Only achievable when the shield is equipped, Courtney can throw her shield like a disc at enemies to take them out and/or clear a path.
  • Shocker Breaker: One of her most powerful moves, Courtney can emit a powerful shockwave through her shield, usually wiping out a mass number of opponents.


Courtney's prototype Timewalker outfit. (art by mizuki2633)

  • Ophidiophobia: True to her counterparts, Courtney has a terrible fear of snakes, due to a bad experience with them while she was only 5 1/2.
  • PTSD: Her first encounter with a Time Beast when first entering Tempuspatium (nicknamed the Temps by No Watch Ben) did not go well, causing the experience to haunt No Watch Courtney throughout their journies.


12 years prior to And Then There Were None

(See: Courtney Lawrence (Prime Timeline) #6 Years Prior to Original Series)

And Then There Were None

NW Courtney and Ben scared out of their minds by Ben Prime. (art by me!)

Courtney and Ben meet up after the soccer game that day to walk home together from Mr. Smoothy's. They are intercepted by Bad Ben, who claims Courtney to be "the last", and that he must capture her and destroy Ben. Attacked by Albedo and Benzarro and aided by Ben Prime and Kate, they discover Paradox, who explains the situation to them. He additionally explains the origins of the phrase, "the last", stating that No Watch Courtney is the very lasting existing Courtney in the multiverse, as all the others have died due to their dangerous paths chosen by the Neotrix. Vilgax appears to them next, saying the evil Bens offered to help him in exchange for No Watch Courtney, as they desire to take her to replace their own lost Courtney from their dimension.

No Watch Courtney and Ben after the soccer game. (art by me!)

Vilgax then activates the Chronosapien Time Bomb, wiping out everyone except for No Watch Ben and No Watch Courtney, who are passed on the Omnitrix and Neotrix from Ben Prime and Kate. The two then team up with Paradox and travel through time to restart the Prime Timeline and save the world.

And Then There Was Ben

No Watch Courtney and Ben fleeing the evil Bens. (art by me!)

Courtney and Ben work together as Grey Matter and Buckshot (Cannonbolt's sister transformation), to restart the Ben Prime Timeline. Once succeeded, they travel to the Gwen 10 universe to recruit Gwen, and hear about the story of how in this timeline, Courtney was HER best friend and died saving her from getting crushed by the pod that carried the Omnitrix, which crushed her in Gwen's place. However, due to accidentally releasing an alien from the Omnitrix, Courtney was reincarnated into a pink Anodite sprite. They then travel to the Ben 23 dimension and help Ben 23 in a battle against Eon, also learning how Courtney 23 died by flying a bomb out of Earth's atmosphere and blowing herself up with it. The only thing left of her was her Neotrix, which was built into the brain of a spherical robot, which retained her memories and essentially reincarnated her as a robot. Next, they go to the Prime Timeline's future to find Ben 10,000, who agrees to come along. While contacting his son, Kenny, it is discovered that Courtney has once again reincarnated herself into the body of a "space wolf", as Kenny likes to call her, and has become the family pet. In Ben Prime's section of the timeline, he joins in without a second thought.

No Watch Courtney and Ben discussing a superhero's purpose. (art by me!)

When the others jump into the battle, No Watch Courtney and No Watch Ben are left behind. Worried after hearing all the stories of her death, Ben tells Courtney to stay in the void while he rejoins the fight. Courtney refuses, wondering why Ben has suddenly become so protective, and he tells her it's because he doesn't want to lose her the same way all the other Bens did. She then comforts him by saying the other Courtneys only died because they believed they were protecting their Ben. If she and him looked out for each other, nothing could happen to either of them. With that in mind, the two friends rejoin the battle and eventually are able to pass on the Omnitrix and Neotrix back to Ben Prime and Kate, who finish the fight and defeat Vilgax. Afterwards, the two find out about Max's Plumber history and look forward to starting their careers as Plumber cadets.

With or Without the Watch (Retconned)

Courtney and Ben looking behind them suspiciously in "Cuckoo Crazy Nightmare: Remastered." (art by me!)

In the sequel to the Eon crisis and prequel to the Timewalker saga, Courtney has begun to train underneath the Plumbers. One day, she meets a boy at school, who is assigned to her in order to teach her how to live a normal life again. As their relationship progresses, Courtney starts to regain feelings for him until a man named Paradox comes to her and restores their memories, bringing back everything. As it turns out, Ben is the boy she meets, and she recalls their friendship, which he had erased from both their minds in order to protect her from meeting the same fate as all the other Courtneys, due to the danger they faced during the Eon crisis. She is at first angry at him for seeing their friendship as a danger, but eventually forgives him when he remembers their promise to one another before their last battle with Vilgax and the evil Bens.

Trapped between a wall and the evil Bens in "Cuckoo Crazy Nightmare: Remastered." (art by Carmen-Oda)

Age of the Timewalkers

Courtney and Ben stumble across a mysterious quartz crystal stone locked away in her basement, which accidentally transports them to a new realm, a void where space and time mix, merge, and flow. It turns out that they are in Tempuspatium, the same world that Paradox was trapped in for a long time until he learned how to bend time and space to find his way out. Instead of taking them back to their own timeline himself, he decides to mentor them in the ways of traveling through the space-time continuum after seeing their fighting spirit when taking down a rampaging Time Beast with hardly anything but their wits. from that point on, the two undergo many adventures, fighting Time Beasts, kickstarting timelines for individuals and becoming defenders of the space-time continuum as a whole.


Ben Tennyson

Her best friend since before preschool, Ben has always been Courtney's refuge. Whenever she needed someone, whether it was a simple errand, backup from bullies, or playing as a familiar face in awkward social situations, he was her guy. Due to never getting the Omnitrix, not only do they never go through the Feedback incident, Courtney also never returns to the regional exchange program, allowing her to stay in Bellwood for her tween years, which let her and Ben grow closer than even Ben and Courtney Prime. Still, his childish ways did get on her nerves from time-to-time, but they were always there to balance each other out.

Professor Paradox

After experiencing his wisdom and knowledge firsthand, Courtney saw Paradox as a man who knew his stuff. However, after he took her and Ben as his apprentices, it shifted into more of a mentor relationship. She does have doubts about the things he tries to teach them, as she can't understand it as well, but she never denies the fact that he'll come through for them.

Damien Morin

The captain of the soccer team was Courtney's crush since starting middle school. Usually, Courtney is level-headed and sure of herself, but that all goes away when Damien is near. He treats her nicely, even though he already knows about her crush on him, choosing to give her a shot once he's warmed up to her.


A friend to a bully and back again, J.T. and Courtney were on uneven ground for a long time. Though J.T. turned his back on her and Ben on the day they met, as they grew older, he matured and they all became friends after Cash left their school.

Clementine Winters

Courtney's first love, Clem was a non-binary born as a girl whom Courtney pined for all throughout elementary school. After J.T. "accidentally" outed her on it, she held no hard feelings towards being rejected and their friendship carried farther than a romantic relationship ever could.


  • No Watch Courtney is Shipper's favorite version of Courtney.
  • NW Courtney is the only Courtney who survives to adulthood, the exception being Courtney 126.