Courtney G. Lawrence is a supporting character in the Ben 10: 10,000 Years, 1 Friendship series. She is Gwen's best friend and Ben's primary love interest.


Before her unfortunate death, Courtney G. looked exactly like Courtney Prime's younger self, with the same alabaster-white skin and mocha-brown eyes, mole by the side of her mouth and rouge-pink lips. Her sable-black hair is braided into two pigtails in this universe, and she has a neon-blue streak dyed into her hair.

She wore a pink frill-trimmed dress with yellow converse sneakers while she was still alive. However, after she was resurrected as an Anodite sprite, she instead wears two ribbons in her now bright-pink hair (which fades into yellow and blue) and a black dress with a yellow-trimmed sleeve and a blue-trimmed skirt with black converse. Her right eye becomes pink and she bears a bloodstain on her face from her accident with the pod.

Courtney G. before her death, as a ten-year-old human girl. (art by Dreamer2Dusk)


Courtney G.'s personality was much more mild-mannered than Courtney Prime's, which enabled her to befriend Gwen instead of Ben. As a sprite, she became more happy-go-lucky and energetic, as a result of her new Anodite DNA.

Powers and Abilities

  • Neotrix Shapeshifting: As a result of the absorbing the Neotrix, Courtney G. has the ability to transform into the Omnitrix's sister aliens, their related life-forms, on an ape:human ratio. However, instead of transforming into the actual aliens, she becomes their image, their "spirit form."
  • Regular Shapeshifting: As a sprite, Courtney G. can take on any shape she wishes, which she usually does to express her emotions.
  • Magic: As an Anodite, Courtney G. can use spells to fight in battle.


Courtney G. in "A Hat in Time" concept. (art by plumfumble)

  • Ophidiophobia: Courtney has a terrible fear of snakes, due to a bad experience with them while she was only 5 1/2.
  • Magic: Just as she can use them, Courtney G. can also be affected by spells used against her.


6 years prior to Omniverse

Courtney G.'s past was similar to Courtney Prime's, up until the moment she was SUPPOSED to meet Ben. When he walked over to find her under the playground slide and called her a mole, Gwen stepped in and drove him off, ending up being the one who worked with Courtney G. to ward away the bullies, the beginning of their friendship.


Courtney G. tags along on the "worst summer ever" camping trip as Gwen's plus-one instead of Ben's, but her fate is sealed all too soon, as the Omnitrix pod comes crashing down to Earth. In order to save Gwen's life, she pushes her out of the path of the pod, which crushes her instead. A grief-stricken Gwen then discovers the Omnitrix afterwards, and accidentally lets the Anodite alien sample out of it, which merges with Courtney G's body and transforms her into the sprite. From then on, after finding the Neotrix and having Courtney G. absorb it, the girls fight crime together with their new alien powers.


Courtney as an Anodite sprite. (art by purin)



  • Courtney G.'s name implies that she was given a middle name, though it is unknown why Courtney Prime was not.
  • Courtney G.'s sprite form was originally supposed to be a simple pink flame, but due to the design being "too simplistic for a series like Ben 10", the design was greatly upgraded.
  • Due to last-second changes, the creator decided to stick to the original concept of Anodite appearances and made Courtney G.'s hair pink instead of retaining its normal black after death.
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