Courtney Lawrence (now known as CT-23) is a supporting character in the Ben 10: 10,000 Years, 1 Friendship series. She is Ben 23's best friend and battle partner. Her spirit now resides in the Neotrix's database, which serves as her robotic brain.


When CT-23 was still human, she looked exactly like Courtney Prime's younger self, with the same alabaster-white skin and mocha-brown eyes, mole by the side of her mouth and rouge-pink lips. Her sable-black hair is at short with the signature neon-blue ribbon acting as a headband instead of being in a braid.

She wore a cobalt-blue checkered-trim dress with red and orange checkered patterns. She also had woolly red socks and yellow shoes.

As a robot, she is a white metal ball with two screws on either side of her blue eye, (which changed color to show her mood). She's also covered in stickers to accessorize, as she loved stickers when she was young. The Neotrix serves as her brain, allowing her to transform into the robot versions of the aliens stored in it.


CT-23 was laid-back and self-confident. Though occasionally showing concern when battling any alien that crosses her path, she totally overlooks the publicity her hero work comes with, as well as almost everything else, making her a little airheaded sometimes.

As a robot, she is more serious and analytical about her hero work, using her new abilities to help Ben in battle. But she never lost her easygoing self, much to his pleasure.

Courtney and Ben 23 at Mr. Gyro's. (art by me!)

Powers and Abilities

  • Robot-Neotrix Shapeshifting: As a result of the Neotrix, CT-23 had the ability to transform into the Omnitrix's sister aliens, their related life-forms, on an ape:human ratio. However, as a robot, she can only transform into their robotisized versions.
  • Extensive Knowledge: Due to the database stored in the Neotrix, CT-23 now has access to almost all information on alien behavior. (At least, the aliens inside and related to the Neotrix)

Courtney 23's human form, before her death. (art by Inside)


  • Lightning: Among other electrical surges, lightning greatly decreases CT-23 functionality and causes her to go haywire.
  • Water: As most robots are, CT-23 is susceptible to water. Though more resistant than normal robots, too much could cause a critical shutdown.


7 years prior to Omniverse

(See: Courtney Lawrence (Prime Timeline) #6 Years Prior to Original Series)


Courtney 23 excitedly interviewing her future counterparts. (art by me!)

When Ben and Courtney visit Dimension 23 in the episode "Store 23", they encounter their alternate counterparts for the first time. Upon seeing them interact, Courtney Prime notices that Courtney 23 has some doubts about her best friend's take on all aliens that show up. Then, when SevenSeven was sent to collect the Omnitrix and activates the bomb, Courtney 23 sacrifices herself to save her friend's life and blows up with the bomb when she carries it away with Red Bat (Jettray). A distraught Ben 23 blames his Asmuth on his arrival and prepares to avenge his lost friend when Ben and Courtney Prime stop him and tell him how close he came to crossing the line. To make up for Courtney 23's sacrifice, Asmuth 23 recovers her Neotrix and builds it into the brain of a spherical robot. This stores all her memories and aliens inside of it, essentially reincarnating Courtney 23 into CT-23.

Afterwards, the two continue to fight crime and help save the multiverse, even showing up in the episodes "And Then There Were None", "And Then There Was Ben", and "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World Parts 1 and 2".

Having lunch at Mr. Gyro's with Ben 23, Ben Prime, and Courtney Prime. (art by me!)




  • CT-23's design was based off of the Portal robots from the Portal franchise.
    • CT-23's original concept consisted of a pinwheel motor and claw hands, similar to Max's robot, Markov, from Miraculous Ladybug. However, the additions were removed on the Neotrix robot alien creations.
  • Courtney 23 is the only Courtney in the multiverse who doesn't have opidiophobia.
  • CT-23 is short for "Courtney 23".
  • As shown in the "Cross-Dimensional Interview" comic, Universe 23's Neotrix is not consistent of neon blue colors, rather neon green.
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