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Cotton-Mouths is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a member from an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Cotton-Mouths resembles a snake that stands as tall as a human. He has snake heads on his hands. His arms are also bone-less and joint-less, allowing him a vast amount of flexibility. He wears a black and green vest on his shoulders and back, as well as a green and white belt where the Omnitrix symbol is located.


Cotton-Mouths acts as a real serpent, being sneaky and treacherous.

Powers and Abilities

Cotton-Mouths has enough stamina and energy to continue fighting for over an hour without tiring. He is able to strangle his opponents' bodies like an Anaconda and also bite others. Additionally, because he has fangs, his bite may be poisonous, as most real poisonous snakes have fangs.

Cotton-Mouths is strong enough to lift opponents into the air with one arm and he is durable enough to withstand mana attacks. He is agile enough to quickly dodge them as well.

He can shed his skin like a real snake, and can spit an acidic liquid capable of corroding metal. Cotton-Mouths is also able to unhinge his jaws like a real snake.

His secondary heads can stretch out to catch his enemies.


Due to his thin skin, Cotton-Mouths can be easily harmed by someone as strong as a Tetramand.

He can sometimes lose control of his predatory needs.





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