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Cosmikobra is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Infenouristai from the void between galaxies.


Cosmikobra has the appearance of a 50 meter-long serpent with white scales on the upper half of his body and on his face, and light blue scales on the lower half. He has green sunken eyes, two red horns on the top of his head and two red spikes on each side of his chin. He has pointy ears and teeth, green filaments coming from his chin and connected to his orange spikes. He has multicolored cheeks and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Cosmikobra's sheer size is his main power. He can destroy and devour anything that comes close enough to his mouth. He can survive in the vaccum of space, and despite being small on the scale that he could get if he lived for another billion of years, he has extremely enhanced durability, being able to survive contact with a star. He also emits cosmic radiation from his scales.


He has very sensible hearing, as his species evolved to live in the absolute silence of space.




  • Cosmikobra's idea and design was inspired by the mitological serpents Jörmungandr and Apophis, from the Norse and Egyptian mitologies respectively. His species used to live in a galaxy far, far away, and due to their cosmic scale, they were used to devour celestial bodies such as planets or even stars. After decimating millions of civilizations, they were banished to the void between galaxies, but the damage had been done. A few survivors of these events got in contact with Earth's ancient civilizations. One being who had his system's star eaten came in contact with the Egyptians, who interpreted his words and called the destructor Apophis. Another, that met with the Nordics, came from a magnificent place where a powerful hero defeated one of these beings before he could devour their world. This events would be known for them as Ragnarok.
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