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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.
Cosmic Brain Part 1: Crab Rave is the thirty-seventh episode of Evfnye 10.


Neuroticus, SupresLime and Synapse take advantage of Encephalonus IV having a celebration, so they disable all communication with space. They then each do their own part. While SupresLime creates a trap with the help of Synapse, Neuroticus heads to Evfnye's solar system.

Meanwhile, Evfnye acknowledges this in Ketu's Space Station, and wants to defeat Neuroticus, as he wants to destroy Ceres, which is the largest asteroid. Nicky and Jerry make some attempts to convince him to stay, but Evfnye "counter strikes" by saying that he wields Ketu's 9th Omnitrix, which has a collection of alien DNA. Nicky tries to hold him still while Jerry closes all exits of the station, but Evfnye uses Ghostfreak to escape into deep space, after getting a random suit he found. He flies to Ceres, where he reverts to human. He tells Neuroticus to show himself by mocking him for being a coward. After no response, he curses the Plumbers' kids for thinking he had to stay. Unexpectedly, Neuroticus reveals himself from the back, grabs his wrists and opens an entrance to a base. Evfnye manages to transform into Stinkfly and shoot slime, but Synapse suddenly appears and shocks him with electrokinesis.

Noteworthty Events

  • Neuroticus is first seen in person.
  • Evfnye leaves his base. He now wants to fight off Neuroticus.



Aliens Used

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