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"We, Are Legion."

Unknown Omnitrix-Wielder's Celestialsapien Form.

Cosmic (also called Cosmic Legion, Legion and/or Cosmic Knight)


Shares the same appearance with Alien X or any Celestialsapien.

A humanoid with three horns, blight eyes and his body is covered in stars like in a space.


Cold. Merciless. Emotionless.


Omni-Potential- Multiple Powers like a god.








-Size Alteration




-Gravity Manipulation

-Metamorphic Arms


--Weapon Morphs









-Time Manipulation

-Force Field

-Portal Creation

--Dimension Travel






His personalities lose focus.




  • Clash Of The Juggernauts


His name is based on Cosmic: relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the earth.


"Death Is Just A Award."

"Don't fear us you will become one with the others I have merge with."

"I have gifted you your life and mercy. You would thank me later old man."

"The intelligence of this world's inhabitants seem to be low. This is going to be too easy."

"I rest my case of the inferior I.Q. for this dimension's human life."

"There can be only one in the multiverse. And that is me."

(He disappeared in a flash) Max Tennyson="Where he go?!" Male Voice (from Phil's walkie talkie)="Phil, PHIL!! COME IN PLEASE!! THERE'S THIS CELESTIALSAPIAN IN THE HEADQUARTERS AND HES TURNING EVERBODY INTO STONE AND BLOW UP THE WHOLE PLACE WE NEED BACK UP I REPEAT BACK UP!!" Phil="HELLO!! HQ COME IN!!" Male Voice=PLEASE PLEASE NO HAVE MER-!!! (Far Distance=KABOOOOOM!!!) Cosmic Legion (Teleported Back)=.....Now The Plumbers never existed in this dimension." Phil (With a traumatized face) could you. They Were Innocent People! DON'T YOU KNOW NO MERCY!!! "....Yes. I do not know mercy. I once know mercy back then. Until I FORGOT!"


  • He is given multiple nicknames; Alien Z, Starman, Space Body, Space God, Space Entity, Horn Head.
  • He is like the most powerful alien in the AL 12 Reboot series.