General Information
Species Naljian
Body Humanoid Fire
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Blasts
Dimension Travel
Long Life Span
Supreme Intelligence

Cosmic is a Naljian from an unknown planet in OmniDragon 10.


Cosmic is a 10 feet tall humanoid apparently made out of blue fire. He has navy blue eyes, and the Adaptimatrix symbol is on his chest


Cosmic can shoot the blue fire in blasts, bolts, balls, columns, walls, anything pretty much, and then manipulate the fire. He can also teleport, see into other dimensions, and combine them to teleport into other dimensions. He has a long life span, and with it, great wisdom


None really, except that sometimes, when he gets really mad, he turns white, and explodes, reverting the user, hurting those around him, and disabling the alien for a week.


OmniDragon 10


  • Cosmic is a reference to the energy that he has
  • Cosmic is the first alien in OmniDragon 10 to be first unlocked in a movie
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