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General Information
Species Pywodekdion
Home World Kaimikrobiyo Tufraylen II
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Salt form
Acid Shots
Armor Forming
Enhanced Senses
First Appearance None

Cortex is a Pywodekdion from the planet Kaimikrobiyo Tufraylan II in no series.

You can use him.


Cortex is a blue humanoid. He has 3 yellow eyes, and one is on another part of his head that triggers all enhanced senses. Cortex has tubes and spots all over him. He also has 3 legs, and a weird mouth.


Cortex is a bit strong. He can also stretch any part of his body and shoot strong acid from his fingertips. Only supremely strong forces can hurt him. Regular forces send him bouncing. He has enhanced sight, smell, taste, and hearing. He even has supreme touch, a weaker form of absorption.

Cortex is immune to all diseases, except the disease he'll get when most of his tubes get plugged up. See Weaknesses for more info.

Cortex can form durable armor around anything, and keeps all of his powers whenever he does. The armor he forms 100% protects whatever's inside, it cannot get hurt at all.

Salt Form[]

When any part of Cortex's body except his tubes gets cut at all, all parts will turn completely into salt for a limited time. When Cortex is salt, he can fly, clone himself, shapeshift, and harden and soften himself at will. When the time is up, he will turn back to his regular form with no changes. He can be turned into salt again, though.


If most of Cortex's tubes get plugged up or cut, he will slowly start losing his powers. He will start going crazy, and his body will turn dark colors. Salt will appear randomly in the area, and Cortex will wilt. He won't die, though.

Salt Form[]

The salt can be destroyed with lasers or extreme light.