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Coronavirus is the predatory species of Humans. This is meant as a joke.


Coronavirus is a small virus visible only with a microscope. It looks like a purple globe with ten viral growings. The Nemetrix Symbol is on its virus-like body.

Powers and Abilities

Coronavirus is a species with high survivalism, able to spread by using air and water. It can also enter a Human's body to cause a lung infection which causes Humans (especially elders) to lose their stamina, inflict illness and sometimes even kill, though it is rarer.

Coronavirus cannot be destroyed with physical force, meaning it is impossible to destroy it with pression.


Coronavirus can be killed by alcohol.

If there is nowhere to spread, Coronavirus is helpless.


Coronavirus is a very recent predator, which only showed itself in Earth's year 2019-2020. Despite this, the Nemetrix somehow scanned its DNA while this virus was occupying a bacteria.


  • Quarantine Area (first appearance)


Coronavirus is a play on corona (crown), referring to its shape similar to a crown.


  • This page is meant as an April Fools' joke in 2020.
  • Coronavirus' information is based on the real-life COVID-19 virus, only made more kid-friendly and with a simplified image.
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