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Corey Lawrence is a secondary protagonist throughout the Twin Paradox series. He is Alex's best friend and Ben's unrequited rival.


Corey stands at average height with alabaster-white skin and mocha-brown eyes. He has a tiny mole by the side of his mouth, same as all his counterparts. He has untidy sable black hair with a neon blue streak on the left side of his face.

In his pre-pubescent years, he wore a two-tone blue and white T-shirt with a red and white rocket on the front, black camo trousers, and red converse. He also wore a cap to match his T-shirt.

When Corey reaches the age of 16, he wears a two-tone black and white NASA hoodie, blue jeans, and black sneakers. He also occasionally wears a black ring on his left pointer finger.


Corey with the twins and Julie in the middle of a prank call. (art by Carmen-Oda)

Corey is a very easygoing guy. He is a kind boy at heart, but a rogue at the same time. He isn't as much of a troublemaker as he was as a kid, but it still shines through from time-to-time.

He likes to playfully bother Ben a lot, because he knows that Ben only hates him, since he's very close to his sister and sees Corey as competition for her attention. Still, he respects his best friend's brother, and even believes him when he tells him about his claims about Alex getting lost in time.

To Alex, he is fun and trustworthy boy, and though the thought of what might happen if they were together has crossed his mind more than once, he has decided to wait until any sign of a more forward relationship is made clear.

Powers and Abilities

  • Extensive Knowledge of Space: Thanks to his studies at the Plumbers Academy and his stellar degree in Astronomy, Corey has an above-average knowledge about the sciences of the universe.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: As a result of training with the Plumbers, Corey is skilled in the ways of personal self-defense and knows around 50 alien fighting styles. (Though he admits that he can only remember 10 of them by heart)
  • Jetpack Hovering: Due to many years of practice outside of his friends' knowledge, Corey is very handy with flying a jetpack.


  • Ophidiophobia: Like his counterparts, Corey has a terrible fear of snakes, which is an advantage Ben takes more than once to keep him away from Alex.


5 years prior to Twin Paradox

Alex, Corey, and a reluctant Ben out for smoothies and chili fries. (art by Carmen-Oda)

Corey was born November 10th, 2006 to Abelia and Glenn Lawrence. He and the twins shared classes in preschool, but they never actually spoke until they turned 11, when Corey distracted Khyber while he was fighting Alex by launching a bunch of bottle rockets at him. This earned him Alex's trust, though her brother didn't appeal to his laid-back nature. Despite this, from that day on, he and Alex became best friends.

Twin Paradox

5 years later and Corey was still Alex's closest friend. He often liked to tease Ben, though he was seemingly clueless to the fact that Ben saw him as a rival. After the timeline glitch that wiped Alex from everyone's memory, this included wiping Corey's memories of her as well. However, he is the only one who believes Ben's story of how she actually existed, while everyone else wrote it off as paranoia. Corey faintly remembers a forgotten life where he and Alex were once best friends, and makes it his mission to help Ben get her back, though he isn't let in on the consequences Paradox warned of. However, each time Ben resets the timeline to try yet again to rescue his sister, Corey forgets Alex a little more, a consequence he suffers due to Ben's ignorance.

Corey flirting with...a girl version of himself? (art by me!)


Ben Tennyson

Starting out, Ben didn't like Corey very much. When he was younger, he used to be very attached and dependent on his sister, something that would change over time. At the age of 11, which was the age when Alex met Corey, although Ben was somewhat attached to Alex due to the constant dangers he faced, he was rather indifferent to his sister's friends, something that would change after leaving Bellwood at age 13 to study at the Plumbers academy.

When he graduated from the academy and was assigned to his home planet at 16 years old, it was then when he began to realize how close Alex and Corey really were. They were too close for his taste, because Ben had never seen Alex as a girl as such, since they were siblings. Upon returning after 3 years and seeing her with Corey, even if they were just friends, he couldn't help but feel suspicious of the boy, who he once considered a friend.

Ben, Alex, and Corey, aged 11, before they officially met. (art by Carmen-Oda)

However, after Alex goes missing, he seeks closure in the boy, and finds it when Corey believes his story about Alex getting lost in time. Though he lies to him and withholds the consequences Paradox warned of resetting the timeline, the experience brings him and Corey closer together. And although their relationship ended when Alex disappeared, their paths meet again in the fourth arch, where they become friends again.

Alex Tennyson

Corey and Alex in Undertown. (art by me!)

For Alex, Corey has always been a fun and reliable boy with whom she can relax and be herself. After all, they've known each other since they were 11 years old. She often writes off her brother's warnings about him as jealously, though she does agree he can be a troublemaker from time-to-time.

Although Corey's path has changed with each attempt Ben makes to save his sister, going back in time and tearing apart the thin fabric of space and time of his universe, Corey has always felt a fascination for space, a fascination that has never disappeared, leading him to want to become a Plumber in every timeline that Ben creates and destroys.

Still, though he doesn't remember her or the times they shared together, Corey faintly remembers a time where he had a best friend of her caliber, almost like a vague dream. This foggy memory fuels his belief in Ben's story to bring her back.

Rook Blonco

The Universe 16 trio in Undertown. (art by me!)

Corey and Rook don't interact much, but in the moments they do, Corey sees Rook as a very by-the-book Plumber. In turn, Rook sees Corey as a "vigilante" sort of recruit on their team, often not understanding his methods in fighting and planning. Still, the boys get along generally well, especially when it comes to scheming a plan against bad guys.


Hervina is Corey's old girlfriend. She broke up with him after he took the Plumber's route in life, saying she'd rather date a total stranger than get mixed up in all the trouble. She was never brought up again, but Ben sometimes brings her up, as it serves as a sore spot for Corey.

Corey attempting and failing to give Ben a playful smooch. (art by Carmen-Oda)


  • Corey was originally just a genderbent of Courtney Prime when starting out.
    • However, several discussions with the original creator of Universe 16, Carmen-Oda, evolved Corey into a canon character of that universe, a rarity to achieve for such a work of art.
  • Like his counterparts, Corey is also pan.
  • Corey was originally supposed to be Alex's love interest before being officially included in Universe 16. However, after establishing that they were just friends and nothing more, it was jokingly suggested that Ben and Corey could be the better couple, as to correlate with the Ben-Courtney romances in other timelines.
  • Corey's favorite foods are chocolate frostys and cheeseburgers
  • Corey is a gaming WIZARD in Bellwood. He even plays competitively.
  • Corey is the only other Courtney in the multiverse to not have his own Neotrix, along with No Watch Courtney. However, due to having one before Ben's drastic changes to Universe 16 in order to get Alex back, he is not targeted by Eon or Vilgax because of its constantly changing status quo.
  • Corey's character was developed by both Jetrashipper and the owner of Universe 16 and Twin Paradox, Carmen-Oda.