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Credit goes to Joseph for the picture.

Corefreeze By Joe
General Information
Species ????
Home World ???
Body Heatblast
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Icicles
First Appearance I got a watch with...12 ALIENS!

This alien is the second one to be unlocked by Cassie Benny.


This creature has been long theorized to have been created in the in-depths of a total iced ground during the first creation of Pyronite's species, and it is sometimes often to find this creature with a icicle head during the winter time.

Corefreeze's species have been studied long enough to have been understood as baring some of the same abilities as the main species of their existence, with the exception fire can melt ice into a puddle of water, where this makes heated water on the head if this ever happens.

She can also make a frozen icewave and reshape it into any of her desires, even letting it melt forcefully sending a enemy or opponent in either direction. She is depicted as a Cryo opposite of Pryo and able to do more things than Heatblast was able to do.

Series Corefreeze Is In[]