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Copperman is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cuproid from the moon FLZ. He is a free use alien.


Copperman has the appearance of a humanoid with a brownish-orange tone. As his name suggests, he is entirely covered in copper. Copperman's eyes glow a flaming orange. He wears a greenish-yellow cape on his back, which slides down to his knees.

When affected by oxidation, Copperman turns greenish-blue and gets a crushed skin.

Powers and Abilities

As the moon FLZ is utterly devoid of atmosphere, Copperman is able to survive in total vacuum. He is capable of flight in any environment, thanks to his internal energy and propulsion powers.

Copperman's physiology allows him to absorb various energy fired at him, most notably electric discharges. He can then fire energy beams from his flaming eyes. He is as well able to shock anyone to contact his copper body with a powerful electric discharge.

Copperman can survive being exposed to very high or very low temperatures, as FLZ has strong temperature variations due to absence of atmosphere. He can also withstand high gravity, like that of FLZ's orbital parent planet.

Copperman demonstrates a degree of resistance that allows him to withstand being crushed by a boulder more massive than himself and punch through a wall with little effort.


Copperman's weakness is oxygen. When exposed to an oxygen-rich atmosphere, his powers are severely weakened. His plating gets more vulnerable to attacks, and his body processes slow down, yet they have a chance to accelerate if something starts burning.

Copperman's temperature resistance has clear limits. He would melt at excessively high temperatures and freeze at absolute-zero type frosts.


If Copperman is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Copperman is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


Copperman's name comes from "copper", the material he is mainly made of, and "man", referring to his humanoid body.


  • Copperman's concept and some powers are based on Superman, with oxygen getting the role of kryptonite, the weakness of the seemingly overpowered characters.
    • Both characters can fly aided by a cape.
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