Copernicus Gill is a character in the series 40: The Last Splixson. He is the ruler, Oceanid by his people's terms, of Anur Milligan. He is also the alien Blank scanned to obtain Gillman.


Copernicus Gill was a member of the Anur System Council and one of the members that agreed on the plans of building a nuclear warhead to expand the Anur System and dominate the galaxy.

He was ordered by Zs'Skayr to go to Anur Milligan and stop Fred and Blank from advancing any further, however, he fails from protecting the nuclear reactor stationed on his planet and is obliterated in the nuclear explosion.


His body is more muscular and more developed than other Gilloids, a characteristic that was passed on to Gillman.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Underwater breathing
  • Agile swimmer
  • Poison Bite / Spitting out venomous sacs
  • Long and sticky tongue
  • Enhanced Jumping
  • Water Manipulation (This ability is exclusive to him only among all Gilloids, except Gillman, who is his genetic copy)


  • Like other Gilloids, he is vulnerable to his own venom.


Anur Chronicles

He fails in stopping Fred and Blank from advancing any further in their quest to foil the Anur System's plans. He perishes in the explosion of the nuclear reactor.

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