Cooking with Ben is a fan episod uv a wierd show.


Ben does a cooking show!


Ben was in the kitchen.

(Ben): Tonight on cooking with Ben....

He turns into Toastfreak.

(Toastfreak): Toast and pineapples!

Toastfreak shoots tons of toast and turns into Ek, who shoots tons of Pineapples.

(Ek): Now we test it on the judges.

Ek goes to Gwen and shoots the pineapple toast in her face.

(Gwen): What the hell Ben?!?!

(Ek): Do you like my cooking?

Gwen eats the pineapple toast and vomits.

(Gwen): Ew Ben what did you put in this?

(Ek): Eyebrows! I'm gonna show Kevin!

Ek shoots the pineapple eyebrow toast in Kevin's mouth.

(Kevin): What the ARGH BEN WHAT IS IN THIS?!!?!??

(Ek): Eyebrows!

(Kevin): Argh!

(Ek): Rate it! SAY 11/10 or die

(Kevin): -10,000/10.

(Gwen): Same!

(Ek): Fools. YOU SHALL DIE!!!

Ben turns into T-Rex and tries to smash Kevin but he hits the Omnitrix symbol and T-Rex turns into Ultimate T-Rex.

(Ultimate T-Rex): BAWK

(Kevin): Hah! Now you're the food.

(Ultimate T-Rex): BAAAWWWKKK!!!!!!

Ultimate T-Rex turns into Upchuck Norris and runs Kevin over with his Awesomeness.

(Upchuck Norris): Take this!

Suddenly, the Omnitrix times out.

(Ben): Oops.

(Gwen): Now it's time for you to taste your sandwich!

(Ben): NEVER!

Gwen uses mana to teleport the sandwich into Ben's mouth, but he turns into Upchuck and swallows it.

(Upchuck): Ha! Upchuck can't eat edible things!

(Gwen): Are you saying that your sandwich is inedible?

(Upchuck): Next time on cooking with Ben....

(Gwen): I'm talking shut up.

(Upchuck): I make a Kevin and Gwen and anyone else who says my sandwich is bad soufflé.

(Kevin): Oh no.

THE END! (Or is it?...)


  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Kevin



  • Kevin and Gwen because they didn't like the sandwich.
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