General Information
Species Matrènis
Home World Cotozore
Body Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities State of Matter Distortion
Equipment Armor
First Appearance Midweek Madness

Conveshift is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Conveshift's abilities include:

  • State of Matter Distortion
  • Temperature Resistance

State of Matter Distortion allows her to change any non-complex object from one state of matter to another, i.e. water into ice and vice versa.


Conveshift is a light blue humanoid alien wearing yellow and purple armor. Her armor has three slits on the chest that glow with blue energy, and the AemuTrix symbol is on her torso.


Conveshift is unable to change the state of complex machinery or multi-celled organisms.

Planet and Species Information

Conveshift is a Matrènis from the planet Cotozore. Matrènis spend most of their lives in small groups, living in hollowed-out holes in the planet's surface. Food is practically nonexistent, so Matrènis have instead evolved to live off the thermal and kinetic energy produced from the process of changing an object's state of matter. Since changing matter from solid to liquid produces the most energy, one can sometimes see piles of molten rock on Cotozore's surface.

Cotozore itself is a frozen, barren wasteland of a planet, reaching temperatures of negative 200 degrees fahrenheit on a hot day. As such, the molten rock created by the Matrènis tend to refreeze back into solid rock relatively quickly, giving them a never-ending supply of nutrition.


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