Control Freak is the Codon Stream 's DNA sample of a Hacknorg from the planet Cul. 

Control Freak
General Information
Species Hacknorg
Home World Cul
Body Mechanical Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hacking Tech

Upgrading Tech

High Jumps

Morphing (into tech)





Enhanced Strength

Technological Beams

First Appearance Origin of Present Evil


He appears to be a mechanical humanoid figure. He has a longer neck and a flatter head like Upgrade's head shape. He has orange mechanical lines going down the middle of his face, chin, neck, and connecting to his mouth. He has two large circular eyes next to the line and no visible mouth or nose. He then has a crest/crown on his head, like Lodestar's but bigger and more pointer. His arms slim and long and a bit curved as well. He has black arms with many zig-zag technological lines running over him, again like Upgrade. He has 5 large fingers which have bunches and bunches of lines on the fingers, which really brings out his fingers. He chest is also slim and pretty average and like Upgrade and Swampfire. His chest, starting from a "V" shape along his upper chest (his shoulders) and below the chin is where his skin turns orange with black lines now that spread from the top of the upper chest to the bottom, which are symmetrical (also like Lodestar). He has two black symmetrical lines on his hips (like Benwolf's belt thing) that stick out. The orange skin then switches back to black skin at the middle of the waist to the knees, where 2 black lines extend from and connect to his lower hips. He has a large orange line on both of his knees that extends down and splits into 3 separate lines, in which 1 is going right, left, and down. He has flat and smooth feet with small toes (4 toes) that buldge out a bit and, again, have bunches of orange lines to make them noticable. He has buldges of his spine, which appear to be short spikes that run up and down his back as well. His trix is in the middle of the "belt"-like thing on his hips, but 13-year-old Mig has no crest and no back spike-like things and a little shorter. 

Powers & Abilities

Control Freak has the powers to control and manipulate any piece of technological device. He can morph into a car, truck, chain, you name it. He also has a good way of hacking too. As well as having his main hacking/improving powers, he has elasticity, shapeshifting, and regeneration as well. He can also have enhanced strength and can fire black and orange beams with techy pieces and numbers on it that tend to hack enemies' powers and/or minor energy. 


He can be affected by extremely hard pressure, which limits his regeneration speed and his lasers can tend to be too weak or too strong. 


13-year-old Mig

In Origin of Present Evil, Control Freak debuted to hack into a switch. 

16-year-old Mig

In A Natural Selection, Part 2, Control Freak took control over the ship after being re-unlocked. 

In It Happened Secretly, Control Freak followed Maltha, controlling a motorcycle. 


In Mig & Rich: It's About Time, Control Freak appeared.



13-year-old Mig

16-year-old Mig



  • He is Mig's first technological alien, like Upgrade.
  • He and Minuscule have been unlocked as a result of a glitch error in the gamatrix core. 
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