General Information
Species Scandian
Home World Petrasolidum
Body Morphed
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance N/A

Constildewent is a Scandian from the moon of Petropia, Petrasolidum. You can use him.


Constildewent is a mixture of scandium and the fictional element with no shape from space, omnipolmultium. He is made of rock, and all kinds of different colors in all kinds of different shapes. He has three noses.


Constildewent is as hard as metal and silver combined, but also surprisingly squishy. He can crash through many walls without getting tired. When he encounters enough air or wind, he can change his color to any color he wants.

Constildewent has lots of heat inside him that can be shot out as beams. He can make the beams attract lightning while they are shot out. His beams can also melt mountains, if enough seconds of them are shot.


The heat inside Constildewent will eventually melt him if he never shoots beams.



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