This is the second constellation from Ben 10: Scribblenauts Style. It is monster themed. It is located near the Anur System.



Kevin is getting attacked by a cthulhu! Save him.

Possible Creations

  • Firearm
  • Missile launcher
  • Gas tank


A dancing monster(from two-two) is rampaging. Stop him!

Possible Creations

  • Cage
  • Tutu


The Create-a-Tron is a machine that creates things with the ingredients. Use it to create a monster.

Possible Creations

  • Fur
  • Wings
  • Plutonium(for power source)
  • Bear(for strength)
  • Dinosaur(for strength)
  • Ugly ______(for appearance)


Guttuthy is a town where black holes appear that creatures come out of. Help defend the town.

Possible Creations

  • Knights
  • Inpenetrable walls
  • Suit of armor

2-5(Potion Level)

A mad scientist is mutating animals into creatures. Use potions to bring these creatures back to normal:

  • Bear monster
  • Dragon/dinosaur-like lizard
  • Medusa-like large snake

Possible Creations

  • Shrinking potion(for all)
  • Pretty potion(for bear)
  • Aquatic potion(for lizard)
  • Peaceful potion(for lizard)
  • Tailed potion(for snake)
  • Animal-like potion(for snake)


Gwen found the Chupacabra chained up in a place where almost nothing is. Help make him a home.

Possible Creations

  • Trees
  • Dead goats
  • Healthy people(to scare away vultures)


Make a clear water path for the Loch Ness Monster to swim across.

Note: There is infected water and aquatic creatures.

Possible Creations

  • Gas tanks
  • Lake cleaner
  • Disinfectant spray


Make it not a good place for aliens to land.

Possible Creations

  • Junk/trash
  • Beast/monster


Tell the horse away from the Pegasus, pony, and Abada.

Possible Creations

  • Magnifying glass
  • Mythical creatures book
  • Ungulate book


Prove the existence of Bigfoot.

Possible Creations

  • Camera
  • Magnifying glass

Constellation 2

You get a creature after completing all ten levels.

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