Commander Droid

Conqueror Droids are mechanical minions of The Conqueror from the show, Brandon 10.


In the Original Series, Conqueror Droids look like robots with claws like arms and a ciricluar frames. They also seem orange and red.

In Alien Force, The Conqueror had replaced his droids with humanoid models, which continue assist him in battle and other means but now as soldiers rather than simple drones. The droids are now red, black and grey.

In Ultimate Hero, The Conqueror appears to have only one Droid active, his main one. This droid now takes on a Human appearance of a female secretary with short black hair. She also wears a business suit.

Powers and Abilities

In the Original Series, the droids had the ability to fly, shoot explosive gernade-like weapons at their targets and can fire lasers from their claw arms.

In Alien Force, the droids can now function in combat now that they have arms and legs. They lost their ability of flight and possibly gernade launching.

In Ultimate Hero, the droids now have the ability to disguise themselves as Humans although this is probably how they are built rather than a power they now have. With this ability, the droids can manuever undetected among the other Humans and can even be underestimated, giving them the element of surprise or even stealth. The droids can also use their droid functions such as blaster arms while still in their Human disguises.

Types of Droids (Alien Attack)

Droid Name Powers
Normal Dash, Gernade Lauch, Slash
Animalistic Craized Charge, Wild Slash, Super Gernade Lauch
Acid Acid Gernade Lauch, Acid Hose, Acid Sprinkler


Super Flight, Dash, Airal Gernade Lauch
Intangable Intangliblity, Dash, Wind Blowing, Dark Matter Gernade Lauch
Sonic Speed Super Sonic Speed, Dash, Sticky Surface Gernade Lauch, Lasers
Updated Super Lasers, Super Gernade Lauch, Electric Charge Releash
Absorbing Super Dash, Electric Charge Releash, Earthquake Attack
Fire Dash, Flame Relase, Magma Earthquake Attack, Firey Slash
Ice Dash, Frost Relase, Ice Earthquake Attack, Ice Srinkler
Monster Slash, Laser Beams, Droid Recreation, Earthquake Attack, ETC


Original Series

Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


Video Games

Online Games


  • Most Uncommon Droids appear in the online game, Alien Attack


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