Connor Kaolin Flyer
General Information
Species Human (formely)
⅔ Human ⅓ Deamono
Home World Earth
Residence Division's HQ
Age 12
Affiliations Division
Occupation(s) Soldier
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Energy Absorption
Energy Shields
Enhanced Speed
Equipment Bow
Relatives Alexis Flyer
Alias BlueLightning
Alternate Counterparts Kevin Bloodson
First Appearance A Day Off With a Giant Robot

Connor Kaolin Flyer, also known as BlueLightning is a character from Genetic, and the younger brother of Alexis Flyer.


Connor is a 12 years old boy, with brown eyes, and hair, that takes the form of two horns on his forehead.

As Connor

While in the base he wears the same uniform as everyone else.

While outside, Connor wears a green shirt with blue lines that look like lightnings, white pants, and blue shoes with green lines.

As BlueLightning

BlueLightning's clothes are very similiar to ShadowFire. He wears a long robe with a hood, but his are white, with blue lightning like lines on the chest and back. BlueLigntning's eyes are blue, and his boots are white.






As his name suggests, BlueLightning has electric based powers. He can shoot and create lightnings, which even gives him some power over the weather. His powers also allow him to absorb electricity, create shields made by electricity, and run even faster than RushKick.


Connor's body isn't very strong itself, but his main weakness is water.


BlueLightning's signature weapon is a white bow, with some blue parts. It alows him to create arrows out of electricity, and fire multiple of them at once. The bow also has a close combat mode. It can transform into a spear with big blades in both ends. In this mode, the weapon also can create a sphere of electricity, to protect both the user and the people around him.


  • The Prototype name of the character was GreenLightning
  • In their prototype versions, Connor and Alexis were the younger brother and sister of Alex.
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