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Conduckt is a Battat Imtisass from the planet Bikrit Sbiha in 40: The Last Splixson.

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He looks like a duck made out of metal, except that he has googles like Rad's and his fur is standing on its ends. He wears a black/blue jumpsuit.


This tough guy can channel electricity through him, or absorb electricity redirected at him.

He can also redirect this electricity into an electric beam or a lightning bolt.

He has some sort of electro-magnetic manipulation, as in shields, blasts or discs.

He packs powerful already electric kicks and can respire underwater. 

He is also capable of controlling the electrons in ions to simulate and use magnetism.


He has a limit to how much electricity he can absorb.


40: The Last Splixson

ConDuckt battles Conduction Man, but is defeated and captured.

ConDuckt frees Metarid, Willie, and Marcus from their prison cell.

ConDuckt attempts to absorb Demonstar's energy from the Transylian tower-like structures on his back, but is defeated with a sonic howl.

ConDuckt is unable to use electric attacks because of the electromagnetic pulse.

ConDuckt launches several lethal lightning attacks at Mick that do little to no damage. He is devastated and sent crashing to the ground.

Anur Chronicles

ConDuckt battles NegaBlank.


  • He quacks while talking.
  • The media he appears in was previously unidentified, but it is now known that it is 40: The Last Splixson, Fred 40's Reboot.