General Information
Creator Brandon
User Brandon
Type Computer Interface
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Average/Super Computer Functions
Laboratory Control
Equipment Screen
First Appearance A Hero is Born
Computer is a super computer in the series, Brandon 10.


Computer takes the appearance of a large, modified computer. It has a large, flat screen monitor connected to its main body which is a highly advanced computer tower. Its basic colour scheme is grey with a bit of blue mixed in. It also has a keyboard and mouse connected to it. There is usually a desk and chair around Computer, to which it can be used by others.


Being a machine, Computer has a lack of emotions and its personality is practically blank but there are some moments when Computer seems to show emotion when it gives support and advice to Brandon. Computer also has quick dialogue which could be intrepreted as it being witty and is often very informative as well as actively trying to be helpful unless it is unable to due to either a command or its programming can't extend to such a use.

Powers and Abilities

Computer has not only the functions of an ordinary computer but on such a higher level. Computer has access to a huge array of data and access to features that help on various differrent missions; such as scanning and tracking radiation signatures, analyzing scans and devices, and so much more. Computer can also hack into various systems, interact with other types of technology, control various parts of Brandon's Laboratory, and much more.


Computer can be hacked, disabled and shutdown by other forces which can be considered as a major weakness.


Computer was originally a "chemistry set" put up for sale in a convience store however no one seemed interested in buying it until it was given away to Brandon as proof that the convience store employee could be trusted. Being brought to Brandon's home, Computer was repaired by him within hours but only to be dropped into his basement which apparently restored it. Being affected by the exposed DNA Rod later on, Computer gains a more independence and modifies itself to become an advanced super computer that is connected to Brandon's house. 


Original Series


Video Games

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  • Computer has no sense of identity, especially with a name such as Computer, but it is still somehow considered, and sometimes treated like, a person.
  • Computer is stationed within Brandon's Laboratory.


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