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Compressor is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Compressor. It is the predator of Tensionsapiens, Bind Limb's species.


Compressors look like brown animal with two feet two toes each. They have two large sickle-like teeth and two small spikes under their head.

Powers and Abilities

Compressor is a skilled climber, able to climb most mountains as fast as Tensionsapiens.

Compressor shows a sense of balance, as it can stand on two feet despite having very long legs.

It has two movable teeth that can cut Tensionsapiens without leaving the time to regenerate. When the prey's been cut in pieces, Compressor eats it.


Compressor's weak spot are its long feet. If a Tensionsapien binds himself to one of them, Compressor can easily fall unbalanced, regardless of his balance and stability.


Compression is the opposite of tension, referring to Compressor being the Tensionsapien's natural predator.


  • Compressor is said not to be at the top of its food chain, and there is a predator that hunts on his species.
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