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- This is created by TheRyderx1, also, this is the Fourth episode of Josh 12. ENJOY!! -


The camera shows Josh, Hungry, and walking by the streets, Suddenly, a boy approaches him.

Boy. You hungry?

Josh. Y-yes..

Boy. Okay, come with me.

Josh follows him, curious, what will happen? They appear in an abandoned Sumo slammers factory. The boy opens a box, and there are full of sumo slammers cereal

Boy. Take it.

Josh. Wow, thanks! You're so kind, uh...?

Kevin. I'm Kevin Levin. Everyone calls me Kev.

Josh. I'm Josh. So, are you with you're parents?

Kevin. Yeah, uh.. they're gone

Josh. At least you have a shelter.

Kevin. What about you?

Josh. Umhh.. can I show you a secret?

Kevin. Sure.

Josh slaps the Omnitrix

Ditto. Aww!

Kevin. Wow! Where'd you get it?

Ditto. Near Bellwood, in 'da woods.

Suddenly, a S.w.a.t team bursts in

Kevin. Let's run!

Ditto. Wait!

Ditto shifts to Jetray. He grabs Kevin with the legs and "jets" out of the window in a train station


Kevin. Well, what about your parents, grandparents?

Josh. They got kidnapped by my technical copy. I couldn't do anything..

Kevin. Oh, man, that sucks..

Josh. It sure does.

Then, Kevin touches the Omnitrix

Josh. Wait, what are you doing?

Kevin mutates into A 1/2 Diamond head

Josh. Oh man!

Josh transforms into echo echo

Echo echo, then duplicates into six

Echo echoe's. Wall of sound!

The echo echoes scream, and Kevin's diamond body shatters. Then, Kevin returns to his normal form

Kevin. I've always wanted these powers.. now gimme!

Echo echoes merge back

Echo echo. Lol no.

Kevin touched echo echo, and turns into 1/2 echo echo. Then josh transforms into Big chill.

Big chill. Stop, Kevin! You're insane!

Kevin. No! Oh, wanna see a secret? Here!

Kevin turns into a fully evolved Echo echo, but instead of green eyes, he has white

Kevin. Sur-priseeeee!

Big chill freezes Kevin, but he breaks out of the ice.

Big chill. Oh come on!

Big chill goes to the ground, and turns intangable, then out of the ground, a grown Humangusaur gets out. He stomps on Kevin a few times, then kicks him in the air, away.

Humangusaur. Goal!

He reverts back.

Josh. Humph. Weirdo.

The end!


Josh Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson (mentioned)

Max Tennyson (mentioned)


Kevin Levin

Aliens used



Echo Echo

Big chill


Full-grown Humangusaur


Josh had albedo's T-shirt In the beggining of the episode.

Kevin's (as Cult. Echo echo) eyes were Green, with an Omnitrix symbol, which means, In season 2, Josh will Receive the Ultimatrix. But, how will he receive it, is unknown.

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