General Information
Species Dracovainian
Home World Dracovine
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokiniesis, Strength, Flight, Horns, Sharp tail, Pyro Immunity, Terrakinesis. Cyro Immunity.

Combustabull is a Dracovainian from the planet Dracovine in Eric 12.


Combustabull is a burgandy colored Minotaur-like alien with a muscular humanoid body,yellow eyes,purple fireproof tounge,thick skin, short tail with a razor sharp spade at the end, 2 large bull horns, large dragon-like wings (hence the Draco in it's planet and species names) and large black hooves and wears the Supertrix symbol on his chest.


Combustabull can breathe fire and smoke through his nose and mouth and can use his fists,horns and his tail for phsyical combat. He can use his hooves to create a seismic attack to slow down enemies. By using his wings he can fly despite his great weight (800 lbs). He cause fire gysers to shoot out if the ground and lava to rise from the ground also.


His bad temper proves to be a threat to innocent people and allies.


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