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General Information
Species Circadian
Home Planet Cathemera
Body Soft Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Minor Shapeshifting
Sleep Inducement
Dream Manipulation
Sleep Cancellation
Enhanced Durability
Weaknesses Weak Fighter
Fire Vulnerability
Blade Vulnerability

Comatose is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Circadian from the planet Cathemera. He is a free use alien.


Comatose has a soft and inviting appearance. He is a white alien with a very soft, rounded body. He looks like a mixture between warm bed sheets and marshmallows. The Omnitrix symbol is on the back of his left hand.

Powers and Abilities

Comatose possesses a very limited amount of shapeshifting, able to generate powerful tentacles from his body. He uses these tentacles to pull in prey. Once trapped, his prey is lulled into a deep sleep. Comatose can then enter their mind via dream manipulation.

Comatose's dream manipulation allows him to communicate with the host, view their memories, give them new ones, etc.

Comatose can also release his prey once asleep. He can either peacefully wake them up as he releases them, normally leaving them slightly drowsy, or he can keep them asleep. If he chooses the later option, his target will remain asleep for a few hours.

Comatose can also choose to go to sleep alongside his prey. While asleep, he has an acute sense of the passage of time and can wake up at any time.

Comatose is resistant to blunt physical attacks.


Comatose is a weak fighter, but can normally handle himself against single opponents. He struggles to face multiple opponents or even single opponents if they are large enough.

Comatose is vulnerable to fire, and he burns easily.

Although Comatose is more resistant to blunt attacks, he is actually weaker than most species to stabbing or cutting attacks as he struggles to defend against them.



Comatose is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.



  • This alien was made as part of a challenge to make an alien out of whatever object is immediately to your left, which was issued as part of The CaT Gazette's one year anniversary issue, Issue 48.
    • As it happens, I read that issue while lying in bed. This alien was therefore inspired by the inescapable grasp of a comfortable bed.
  • Comatose's species name, Circadian, refers to the Circadian clock, a component of human function related to sleep cycles.
  • Comatose's planet name, Cathemera, refers to Cathemerality which is the name for the behaviour of animals that are active sporadically during both day and night.
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